drive-by: #egocon & UGOpodcast

okay, okay, okay.  i know i’m always on drive-by, and it sucks with a capital SUCKS.  this is what happens when you’re a sickly squid who’s had cons and colds and epic familial visits all happen this month alone.  (they say as they’re trying not to hork at the moment.  fun times.)

honestly, there’s only so much of me to go around on the best of days, and this is that annoying transition part of the year which, for me, are not remotely the best of days.

now–on to actually important, relevant things, yeah?

FIRST THING THE FIRST:  egocon is tomorrow in steven’s point, wi, so if you’re looking for a fun, low-key saturday afternoon with daleks and jayne hats, this is your type of shindig.

i’m premiering three more of my political animals buttons:  self-care!jackalope, revolution!hippogrif, and marathon!turtle.  i’ve also restocked the “i need an adultier adult”buttons because I RAN THE FUCK OUT OF THEM AT PLATTECON.  idek how i did, but i did.  *HANDS*

second thing the second:  speaking of plattecon, i was interviewed by the lovely lads from the unapologetic geek out (UGO) podcast.  i haven’t listened to it yet–because have i mentioned the ill and the familial visitations?–but y’all can listen to it here along with sarah of ginger kitten enterprises & super-comic and the lads of battlerock games.

we all kind of looked at each other for three days.  it’s a bond.

third thing the third:  there is not third thing.  it’s a red herring.

fourth thing the fourth:  i’m doing camp nano in april, so i’m going to be working on more of a glittering venery.  if you’re interested, y’all can read the bits and bobs i’m going to be working on over on my imzy for a glittering venery, and y’all can also keep up on the continually evolving aesthetics and visual storytelling of the thing with the dedicated a glittering venery flickr album.

first unkindness of the court of miracles grey halkyon & parcel prima princeps of the court of dreams eira tove

fifth thing the fifth:  i think my da have finally sorta, maybe, kinda gotten what i do for a living?  he even requested shirts?  so, yay?  i’ll take my victories where i can find them.

i’m going to go crash because the death and dying part of my day is here.  i’m like prometheus, i am.

come see me tomorrow at egocon if you’re around.



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