update: #oddcon

so–there’s all sorts of shenanigans happening in the world of odyssey con (oddcon) right now, which i would direct y’all to go read up about it here, here, here, here, and here.  i’m sure that there are other accounts and think-pieces and such, but these are the core accounts that i ran across.

in short, i’m not going to be vending at oddcon because of these shenanigans.

tl;dr:  the guest of honor decided to not attend oddcon because of issues with a person that made them feel unsafe–a person, who has a history with a capital HISTORY, of being a grade-A con-creep–and, well, badness ensued.

i know tl;drs are supposed to allow y’all not to have to go read all the things, but if you’re a conkid like me–or, if you know conkids, especially younger ones–this is a thing that y’all should go read–for your safety, for others safety, for all the people who have been hurt, or will be hurt, and can’t or won’t speak up about what’s happened to them.

and, i’m purposely not using names because i don’t want to get caught up in the google searches for these people’s names–not because i don’t want to be associated with this conflict but because i want people coming into this situation to read the words of the people involved and the people who have been historically involved rather than someone who’s coming really late to the game, like me, and for people to make their own decisions–because i can’t tell you that y’all should care about the safety of other people, but i can hope that you will be.

so, in solidarity, i’ve withdrawn from oddcon.  i’m sure my withdrawal won’t mean much to the concom or anyone else–i haven’t been doing this very long and am not really a know quantity or anything–and although i’m half expecting taking a stand on this side of the issue is going to bite me in the ass sometime in the future, i want/must-needs be on the right side of this issue.

cons, especially old cons, can and do harbor serial abusers and dangerous people.  we’ve all heard the accounts, and a lot of cons have worked really hard to remove these elements from their cons as much as they can–especially from their concoms–but there are still a lot of known problematic individuals who are kicking about and in positions of power.

and, unfortunately, it’s never going to be possible to remove everyone, but we can keep trying.

but, this is so  not a case of people in power not knowing.  this is one of those times when there really isn’t excuse–especially for how some things have been dealt with.

i will say that the concom–or, at least, part of it?– sent out an email last night telling vendors that there was an “issue” that had gone viral and that they are giving guests and vendors a refund if they feel that they can’t, in good conscience, be part of oddcon–which is a good step, i think, acknowledging that some (a lot?) of us are not going to be comfortable attending–but i’m not sure that it’s enough to make up for the rest of everything?  and, it definitely wasn’t enough for the guest of honor.

things in the con world need to change, and the only way things are going to change is if we protest and speak-up.

so, i’m sorry to all of y’all (yep, i just did that) who were looking forward to seeing me and my art.  i will be at animinneapolis in may, kitsune kon in july (if you’re a wisconsin conkid!), and lion con in september–as i pick up more cons, i’ll let y’all know–and as always, i’m all over the interwebs.

i am still working on changing my patreon rewards and my commission details because depression is a thing that keeps me from working quickly more often than not.

remember, we can change the world–even if it’s just our small corner of it.  resist.  persist.  THIS IS NOT NORMAL.

take care of yourselves and each other.




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