drive–by: animinneapolis, digital/sketch-a-days, and 9 years of blogging

so, first things the first.



so, yeah, i’m going to be heading out shortly so that i can set-up tonight.  i’ve got loads of things, but mostly, i have a bunch of new 1″ buttons because i’m a weirdo.

(i particularly fond of the “twee as fuck” and the “gender terrorist” ones.)

but, yeah, come and see me and maybe buy some things.

second thing the second:  i’m thinking about stopping the formal digital and tradition medium sketch-a-days?  the entire point of them was to force me to become a more proficient illustrator/drawer, and i think it’s worked; however, at this point in the story, they’re also keeping me from doing other things–like making art or making things for cons or any number of things.

i haven’t come to a decision yet, but i’m sure y’all have noticed a sharp decrease in my just doing things to be doing things, and this is why.

if y’all have an opinion, i’d love to hear it.

third thing the third:  evidently, i’ve been using wordpress for nine years now?  that’s–weird.

and, bonus round.

if y’all haven’t watched vast or eric’s tbd rpg or the wednesday club on geek and sundry/alpha, y’all are missing out.

okay, i’ve things to finish up before i leave today, so i gotta book.


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