#kitsunekon, #artour, character creation, & other suspects

hi, y’all, it’s been forever and ever and ever, but it has not all be for naught!  because i’ve been doing things like restructuring my patreon, formalizing my commissions, preparing for cons, and doing the writing thing (with potential ‘zines in the offing) bc i WILL have a completed a glittering venery novel-thing at some point, i swear.

(if you’re interested in reading some of what i’ve already written with deeply questionable editing, check the writing & books menu, or y’all could just click here.)


kitsune kon is this weekend in green bay, and i will be there, my intrepid cephalopods.  so, if you’re gonna be there, come by and see me!

second thing the second:  we’re having an kind of arts-related, multi-venue shindig in green bay on the 21st-23rd called artour, and i’m going to have a table at untitled town on the 23rd.

now, mind, i have no idea what’s going on with it yet because of reasons, but i have hopes for this thing.  it’s a first time offering from the artory, so there’s going to be some hiccups, but we can’t get better without venturing forth, yeah?

third thing the third:  i’m teaching a 2-hour workshop on character creation on wednesday, juy 26th at the artgarage as part of art night out.  so if you’re in the area and have ever wanted a protracted time to talk with me about how i create characters, this might be the opportunity that you were looking for?

and, there’s, like, hooch if you’re of imbibing age?

so, if you’re interested and want me to prepare to answer a specific question ahead of time, leave me a comment or something, and i’ll hop to it. *hops*

fourth thing the fourth:  i’m slowly but surely doing some reorganizing of the blog so that it’s a little more portfolio-ish than it’s been.  as always, everything is up on my flickr (because you’ve got to house the things somewhere), but what i’m going to do here, is going to be a much more edited version of my portfolio.

i might as well try to appear like an actual fucking professional, right?

fifth thing the fifth:  i’ve been adding more and more designs onto my redbubble, so if you haven’t been there recently, check it out, yeah?

sixth thing the sixth:  i have well and truly sold my soul to project alpha and geek and sundry, and i think that i’m okay with that.  seriously, if y’all haven’t watched critical roleeric’s tbd rpgsagas of sundry:  dreadvast, or shield of tomorrow and you love rpgs, you’re not living your life correctly.  project alpha almost always has a 30-day free trial, so go, touch the internet inappropriately, and be prepared to laugh and cry and rage-quit at any given time.

also, the wednesday clubtalks machinagm tips, and round table will probably make y’all super happy too.

(some of these are up on geek and sundry’s youtube, but seriously, love yourself and get the free trial and check out all the things.)

seventh thing the seventh:  my arting at the moment might have become equally caught up between alpha/geek and sundry shows and a glittering venery.  i regret everything and nothing.

first unkindness of the court of miracles grey halkyon & parcel prima princeps of the court of dreams eira tove


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