lion con, a webcomic, and being a fanartist

so–lion con is this weekend in st. cloud!

i’m particularly pleased with vending at this con again because last year was its first year, which was an excellent if exhausting time, and this year is shaping up to be even better, so yay on justin and katie for making it happen again!

and, because we’re talking cons, here’s my con schedule for a little bit? i still have another in december and january, so there’s gonna be another one of these little banner things~

what do y’all think of this? i kinda borrow-stole the idea from another artist, and i really like the idea of it

and, because i basically hate myself, i decided to make a whole lot of new buttons and retire some more older ones, but that means that i now have ALL THE DND CHARACTER CLASS BUTTONS

kill me, please


i have started a webcomic, which is funny-strange because i had one for awhile (it wasn’t very good), but i’m having another go

it’s called the adventures of squid & barnacle and looks like its going to come out on saturdays (because yes???), and it lives over here on tapas and has it’s very own facebook page, if that’s more your style, or there’s a tumblr too

i also post it to my patreon, and it gets tweeted and everything–basically, what i’m trying to say, is pick one of my socmeds, and it’s likely to show up there?

this is squid

and, this is barnacle

i really dunno if it’s funny, but i’m kinda enjoying doing it, so that’s a bonus, yeah?


i’ve had an exciting couple of weeks with the fanart-ing thing because, really, as a fanartist, you’re never really sure how creators and other fans are going to respond to your interpretation of a text, but in the last few weeks, i’ve had a livestream shout-out during the vast season finale from jackson lanzing for this kraya piece

and, these pieces were in the one night only–sagas of sundry: dread gallery

and, there have been likes from the critical role kids on pieces, and everyone from vast, dread, and eric’s tbd rpg have been lovey and wonderful about all of the fanartists’ work (not just mind, but really, these are the first fandoms i’ve ever really felt seen in before, so that’s kind of wigsome but cool, and i keep using “really” a lot in here and I’M SORRY), and the vast fandom–particularly anne–is very GIVE US ALL THE FANART ALL THE TIME AND LET US LOVE YOU

(darin de paul has been the sweetest sweet about fanart; he’s super adorable)

and, ya know, being a fanartist is kinda hard because there’s still this completely baseless societal stigma about creating fanart (don’t get me started unless you wanna get a very researched lecture)–which, seriously, almost every fanartist i know makes original characters and other types of art too–but it’s seen as copying and a myriad of other things that it absolutely is not when all that we’re trying to do is show how much we love a thing and how we see the things existence


i just wanted to share that i’ve been getting some squee from the world for what i make, and that’s been making me happy \o/


because i’m not busy enough, i’m also working on a commission sculpture that’s a blacklight thing

this is my life now

and, i’m missing the opening for it because i’m a maker faire *sigh*

but, i’m excited by the project and who it’s for and the plan that these people have for the arts community where i live

okay, i must off and make more things for lion con (because procrastination is my middle name)


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