welcome to a long overdue update

y’all, it’s been a solid minute since i did the thing where i talked to y’all, and i apologize.


there are reasons and REASONS and other things too, but mostly, it comes down to the fact that my dad died in september, and i’ve been trying to–sort my everything out? i guess?

at the very least, i’m trying to figure out what it means to be in the world when you’re an orphan.


but! i have been doing some things?


  • i’ve continued working on my digital painting skills;
  • i’ve been considering starting a podcast with gnome;
  • i’ve been considering some major shifts in my art practice that may or may not include changing my studio status and beginning to apply to artist retreats and things;
  • and, i’ve also been thinking about making website hosting changes too.

my brother, et al. are also moving back to canada very soon, so there’s that in the mix too.

so, i’ve been doing things? but, they just haven’t been writing blog posts, shame.

2017 has just been–dumpster-fire doesn’t begin to describe it: personally, politically, macro, micro, and everything in between.

so, happy holidays, and may 2018 be less–a problem.

do good.

be kind.

be brave.


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