the new year

despite being told over and over that the beginning of the year is somehow this immense, new time of possibility, i can’t help but remember that our western new year is an arbitrary designation of “new” and “start” and “beginning”.

we begin when we begin, and having this imposed designation, i often think, just harms us more than it helps.

but, as with most things, your mileage may vary.

that all being said, there is a certain energy that permeates the west at the new year that does propel us all forward–whether we ascribe to the imposed “new” or not.

which is a weird, random way of saying that these were my projects from last year, and these are my projects for this year.

the first thing is, as always, the con-life, and these are my next few cons because the list is ever evolving:

so, yeah, no pressure or anything with midwinter gaming happening this weekend, and there are all the buttons to print, to cut, to make, to box away until they’re needed again.

somewhere back in november, i think, i started recording and creating videos again; although, they’re mostly of the vlog variety currently because i have become enamored with the aesthetic side of youtube with it’s soft adventure, ambient music, and dissolved, diluted color–i might not be very good at this in any way, shape, or form but *hands*.

these vlogs are simultaneously a documentation of my grief and the ways in which i don’t grieve, how i exist in shadow and smoke and peer around the corners before running in full-tilt.

so, they’re complicated to say the least.

(i may have also inadvertently started writing poetry again, which is most assuredly a by-product of grief.)

for some reason, i started a webcomic again: the adventures of squid & barnacle.

it’s basically what the titled says: the adventures of squid (ostensibly me) and barnacle (ostensibly morph) with the added joy of jello (ostensibly ariel–did i mention we adopted another cat?) like most things i make–like most things that are inherently me–it’s awkward, colorful, and singularly strange.

continuing the tradition of continuous creation, i’m staying with the sketch-a-day and digital sketch-a-day set-up–except i don’t know if it’s actually going to be a 365 sorta thing or not? it ended up not being such last year because, honestly, i just don’t have the physical space for more sketch-a-day pieces until i sell some more.

really, my goal is to become looser and more experimental with my drawing, both physical and digital, so the “sketch” part of these things is being translated as “doodle”.

i’m not necessarily having the best luck with that yet because–well, it’s not how my brain and practice works? but, i’m firm believer that practice and persistence beats talent–whatever “talent” means–any day.

(it does help that i’ve updated my technology and materials by a lot a lot.)

gnome and i–because neither one of us is suffering from a surfeit of free time–have begun a joint venture in the form of a podcast: conversations from the north woods.

we even exist on itunes because i spent an inordinate amount of time figuring out how to do that as well as spent a ridiculous amount of time figuring out how to use adobe audition.

i triumph in their entrails. (after ALL THE SCREAMING.)

as for projects that concluded in 2017 were my sketch-a-day and digital sketch-a-day projects.

i actually recorded a summation of 2017, though, because 2017 was miserable in a myriad of different ways, but it also brought good things, better things, things that connected me to the world and other people in ways that i often have difficulty doing so that–even in those moments when i feel the most invisible, the most like a ghost–i have proof, concrete and indisputable, that i am not alone.

(i’m also working on updating my website and streamlining my store sales and commissions.)

so–welcome to my blog, my vlog, my studio practice, my art, and my life.

do good.

be kind.

be brave.


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