it should be enough. to make something beautiful should be enough. it isn’t. it should be.

(the blog post title if from richard siken’ “landscape with a blur of conquerors” from war of the foxes–siken recently had a stroke, and there’s a gofundme to help with his rehabilitation if y’all have a few dollars and can help? that’s be solid of y’all)

it’s pride month again

i really love pride month, which is ironic since i’ve never been to a pride event

just–too many people, too much sound, too much everything; although, with the anti-depressants, some of those sharp edges that have made me slightly unhappy at events like this seems to have gotten a bit better? so, maybe i should try it at some point

maybe, once my mobility is a little less precarious? or, i can actually procure a proper chair to wheel about in *hands*


i love how the lgtbqia+ community can come together–not that we always manage to and not like there aren’t parts of our community that aren’t trying to police other parts of it–but when we come together, it’s magnificent

so, because pride and there might be new people here who aren’t aware–

hi, i’m ‘trie (sounds like “tree”; they/them)

i’m a fat, disabled, queer (aro pan demiace), enby bebe with mental health issues and too much education

i’m a conceptual mixed media artist, illustrator, and writer

queer monster kids are my jam

and, i aim for body inclusivity in my art because, hi, i have a body that isn’t often included in anything in a myriad of ways

so, yeah, happy pride

this is me, and this is why pride is important to me, why inclusivity and intersectional everything is important to me

do good

be kind

be brave


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