you take the things you love and tear them apart

(from richard siken’s “a primer for small weird loves”)

and, here we are

i survived inktober/drawllooween/OCtober with a stunning three (3) projects completed, which–yeah–what was that about?!

ellory cixous

and, honestly, all the projects were really more me being sketchy than completed pieces, so i don’t even know what was going on

however, because i’m 100% that bitch, i used inktober, et al., to design the characters for my nanowrimo novel this year: the working



i’m working through rendering the inktober sketches of my characters into digital versions, but ya know, it’s a bit slow going since my hands continue to be a trial; however, these are the kiddos i’ve managed to sort thus far

ellory cixous
philan hesper
anther frey
topher perry
eli yates

but, the basic premise is that there’s a witch school in my a glittering venery universe, and there’s something stalking the students–i mean, it’s more complicated than that, but that’s the elevator pitch


okay, i must-needs go do the writing thing (and maybe edit a tiny vlog)

do good

be kind

be brave


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