about ‘trie blasingame & tentacle-made studios

‘trie is a mixed media conceptual artist, illustrator, and writer who is fascinated with narrative interactions, collective storytelling, and world-building. Materially, they are inspired by the tactile immersiveness and mutability of mixed media and the illuminating nature of illustration which they use to construct stories and art pieces that reflect ‘trie’s conceptual interests in myths and monsters and memories collected in curios and curiosities, taxidermy and taxonomy, hagiography and mysticism, orreries and pocket globes and astronomical clocks, deconstructing and reconstructing and recontextualizing those ideas into somethings that are nothings, the semiotics of the shifting skull, and monstrous individuals rebelling and repudiating the lives that have been forced upon them and the lives that they have decided to reshape to change their own and collective worlds and spheres of experience.

In less esoteric, academicized language, I make things out of other things and draw things and write things–most of which gets me bogged down in world-building because world-building. I like things that are touchable and longed-to-be-touched, and I like stories about monsters because monsters have historically been a sit in which the Other has existed, and as a queer kid with several other Othered intersecting identities, I feel monster stories at a cellular level–to the point that queer monster kids trying to find their way to revolution is my primary writerly focus.

Okay, that might have gotten a little academic-y towards the end.


email: tentaclemadestudios@gmail.com