it should be enough. to make something beautiful should be enough. it isn’t. it should be.

(the blog post title if from richard siken’ “landscape with a blur of conquerors” from war of the foxes–siken recently had a stroke, and there’s a gofundme to help with his rehabilitation if y’all have a few dollars and can help? that’s be solid of y’all) Continue reading

something dead that doesn’t know it’s dead. a painting, for instance. an abstraction.


that’s a line from richard siken’s poem “landscape w fruit rot and millipede”

it’s been a thing i’ve been resonating with–really, richard siken in general

so, i’ve returned to the world–well, i’m returning to the world slowly

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i am a disappointment

so–i’m not going to be at anime fusion this weekend after all because of medical things, which means that i’m feeling like i am just disappointing everyone and everything

and, this year has been a surfeit of me feeling like i’m disappointing people because of health and vehicle problems and other things

yeah, i’m doing really good with this here

today’s inktober/drawlloween/drawtober was “worst fear”, and disappointing people is one of my worst fears

i’m going to go have a nap

my tiny child, or why i’m not a meta con this weekend: a saga

so, the last couple of cons have been a bust: coulee con because both gnome and i were ill with food poisoning or a stomach bug or something *blech*-inducing, and meta con because our tiny child ariel needs to go to the vet

which doesn’t have an opening until tuesday, which theoretically should have meant that we went to meta con because vet, however, we don’t want to leave ariel unattended when she’s not well

(it’s nothing horrible–we hope–we think she just has earmits somehow, but she’s itched her ear bloody, and that is a CONCERN)

(i would appreciate it if the universe would let up a little on me and my students because we’re all having THINGS collectively: illness, ariel, the saga of the couch that came without the actual couch, early births, book theft, me being unclear about things–so. much. THING.)

so, if you were excited about seeing tentacle-made studios at meta con this weekend, know that i wish i were there too, but my precious darling is a priority

seriously, look at that darling face–how can i not stay home and make sure that the tiny child is okay?

thank you all for understanding


the new year

despite being told over and over that the beginning of the year is somehow this immense, new time of possibility, i can’t help but remember that our western new year is an arbitrary designation of “new” and “start” and “beginning”.

we begin when we begin, and having this imposed designation, i often think, just harms us more than it helps.

but, as with most things, your mileage may vary.

that all being said, there is a certain energy that permeates the west at the new year that does propel us all forward–whether we ascribe to the imposed “new” or not.

which is a weird, random way of saying that these were my projects from last year, and these are my projects for this year.

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lion con, a webcomic, and being a fanartist

so–lion con is this weekend in st. cloud!

i’m particularly pleased with vending at this con again because last year was its first year, which was an excellent if exhausting time, and this year is shaping up to be even better, so yay on justin and katie for making it happen again!

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