museum trips and other things

so, one of the newer things that we’re doing at The Rainbow Hub is that we’re covering ballets, operas, and art shows.

which means that i get paid to go to art shows now.

we’re also starting to do kinda features on artists, and i’m writing the first of the visual artist profile this week. \o/

(NB:  if you’re a visual artist or know a visual artist, send them my way, yeah?  i mean, we’re really trying to feature young, emerging, and/or unknown artists because–dammit–artists need more exposure.)

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projecTransparency and results of the postcard printing

So, I asked y’all for your suggestions about what I should print for the upcoming Definitely DePere–which, by-the-by, I’m going to be at Polito’s Pizza on May 9th if y’all wanna come see me–and here were the final decisions.


If your faves didn’t make the cut this time, DO NOT DESPAIR!  They’ll be in the next batch.  I swear.

And, because–omg–busy week was busy, here’s my new display at the ARTgarage:

left to right: abacus-map, gilt hive, and Medusa

And, projecTransparency videos because I have been doing them!  I just got behind last week (in a fit of the anxieties about ordering prints, actually), so didn’t do a dedicated blog post.

Also, Eurovision reviewing for The Rainbow Hub.

Yes, this is a thing I do now.


Last week’s:

This week’s:


Stay safe out there.


Medusa, project transparency, and the Wisconsin Arts Board

Friendly reminder:  Gallery Nite is Thursday.  I’ll be at the ARTgarage.

So, yeah.  I finished a piece yesterday that I’m calling Medusa.

The thing I can’t decide is if I want to hang it high so that it has this Malevich Black Square icon reference, or if I want to hang it more on-the-level so that it’s confronting the viewer.

Help me to decide?

Here are some (fairly craptastic) snaps of it to help y’all decide:



And, evidently, Medusa exists in conversation with gilded hive:

They talk about art.

Somehow, I made art about art, and I’m not entirely certain how that happened?  But, they’re talking about what happens when you forcibly decontextualize objects and re-contextualize them into spaces designated as Art Only spaces and how that changes their objectness to abjectness, their loss of identity.

Think about Duchamp’s Readymades.  They’re kinda sad objects.

So, yeah.

There’s a new project transparency on my Youtube Channel, or y’all can watch it below:

Which is, actually, all about the Wisconsin Arts Board Community Meeting I went to last week.

I’ll let the video speak for itself, but if y’all want to look at their Strategic Plan yourself, look here.

I’m heading off to the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum in Wausau.  That’s exciting.





documentation of Steampunk Extravaganza* piece

*I did not name this show nor was I consulted in the name of this show.  I–it’s just a really not-good name for the show.

But, what do I know.

So, yeah, this is why I haven’t really been around, in case y’all have been wondering why I’ve been AWOL–aside from an epic people hangover from T-Day and the writing.

Did I mention that I now have an official title now?  I’m a Senior Contributing Writer.

Tell me that isn’t awesome.

So–I’m in this steampunk show, and I’ve been working on a costume because, sometimes, I just really enjoy making wearable art.

Like these:

But–hey!–I figured new show, new piece (because that’s just the kind of squid I am).

So, the idea for this is an Order of the Brass Octopus dress uniform for a Lieutenant-Colonel, but this is an Order of the Brass Octopus that’s run by Madame Lefoux and is, not only militaristic, but also highly matriarchal.

Remember, this isn’t remotely done yet.

Can we talk about how much I despise setting grommets and how awful fan-lacing is to do?

And, yet, here I am:  grommets and fan-lacing galore.  *SIGH*

If you’d like to see the rest of the photos documenting this piece so far, please feel free to take a gander at the set.

I have really horrible concept sketches in there.  Might be good for a giggle.


just in time for the winter holiday buying season

IDEK, y’all.

But, I have gotten my act (sorta-ish) together(-ish), and I have put a number of translates-well-to-image pieces up on my Society6 and Redbubble stores as well as having some of my sculptures up on my Etsy store.

And, sorry for the inconveinienc, but my Etsy’s only taking Paypal right now because Etsy is being problematic today.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to take credit cards in the next couple of days.

As always, if there’s a piece of mine that you’re interested in, just shoot me an email.  I’m willing to negotiate and do payment plants.

tentacle-made studios, you stop for weird shit for the holidays.

Seriously, I’m trying.  If y’all have suggestions for things that you’d like to see up in the shops, let me know, and I will endeavor to do my little squid best.

What do people even want to see in these things?  IDK.  I know what I like, but it doesn’t seem to be the same things that anyone else really likes unless I’m in the land of fanart. *hands*

Courage, lovies.  There’s turkey this week.

*drags tentacles in*

So–yeah.  I’ve not been around.


One of the big ones is all the writing I’ve been doing for The Rainbow Hub, especially since I have a new series starting next week called “Libertine Ladies.”  It’s kinda like the literature and media answer to the “BAMF Women Superheroes” series, except about–villains?

Here’s our promo:

There’s a video around here somewhere, but I can’t for the life of me remember where it was.  I’ll find it!

Yeah, but for some reason, November is ridiculously busy and throw in that I’m still on my ancient-upon-ancient laptop.  Not only is it NaNoWriMo, but it was also the beginning of the new Quarter.  And, there was the Meet the Artist/Quarter Opening, and Gallery Nite’s coming up, and I have three freaking meeting tomorrow plus Guild, and then, there’s another Guild Thursday, and I’m–

I’m kinda legitimately done with the universe.

I had a really bad night at the Opening last week and the week before that when I installed because other exhibitors were being–less than kind, and yeah, I suck.  I’m an elitist snob, but I’m never actually cruel about it.

Actually, I never say anything negative to the other exhibitors.  I do kinda complain in the direction of people who I know feel the same way, but none of us would ever give any indication that we were less-than-supportive.

These are not people that respond well to concrit or conversations that don’t revolve around how amazing their work is.

I decided that, since I was behind in everything in the universe, I’d display some pieces from my chimera series since they really haven’t been shown outside of End of Semester Critiques or small things at Columbia, so why the hell not, right?

Especially since I’ve ceased giving any fucks about whether I sell anything ever (because, let’s face it, I live near Green Bay) or being situated within the local scene remotely.

I’m a little cranky about the art scene lately?  Theoretically, I’ll feel better after the Community Arts Meeting tomorrow?

But, yeah, these are my friends that are up:

It is extraordinarily difficult to take pictures of the installation where they’re at.  There’s another wall, like, right there.

left to right:
chimera: Alice and chimera: Gryphon (or Griffin depending on how I’m feeling that day)
mixed media assemblage
katrina (‘trie) blasingame
chimera: Alice
chimera: Griffin

And, because they really don’t all fit in the same picture:

left to right:
chimera: Gretel and chimera: Hansel
mixed media assemblage
katrina (‘trie) blasingame
chimera: Gretel
chimera: Hansel

So, literally, I had a photographer, who photographs kinda meh landscapes, say to me just as I finished my install “Three dimensional work.  That’s different.”

And, not in the excited \o/ sorta way but like my work might contaminate his work.  Just–IDEK.

At our Quarter Opening, I had this woman–who makes these pretty pictures of I’m not even certain but they look like scarpebooking papers?–ask me where my work was (I was demo-ing and not–exactly–near my work) and when I told her say “you mean you don’t have any art up.”

And–I just kinda lost it.  I managed not to yell at her or say dispariging thing about her work, so we’ ll call it god, except it’s not remotely good and this is just adding to my OMG I AM SO DONE.


I do have some very nice people coming to my rescue–other artists who have been through the same fuckery.


this is the time in Shakespeare when we existential angst

So, I’ve been being pretty useless of late–wait, that’s not even an accurate assertion.

It’s more like having epic ennui with a side of the Worst People Hangover in the History of Ever.

I’m honestly not certain about these Things That Normal People Do.

But, yeah, I feel useless and like I haven’t been getting art made and I probably shouldn’t be just pouring this into here for y’all to see, but I guess I am?  Sorry?

I mean, I know this is something all artists have a problem with:  times when we don’t feel as productive as we could be, when the idea/concept is not doing what we want it too, when we feel like we should just chuck it all and find a job in banking or whatever it is that “normal” people do.

know this.  I’ve been here before.  I recognize that tree.

I’m just–having a harder time with it.  I don’t know if it’s because I’m doing all this writing for The Rainbow Hub–which I maintain is still best job is best–and I end up using all my words there or if I have too many extraneous groups/activities going on (e.g., Fiber Fanatics, worst name EVER; Traveling Treadlers; Knitting Guild; Saxony Spinners; the ARTgarage making me not happy) or I just–have too much going on in my head and am paralyzed by Too Much To Make and Too Little Squid To Do It.

It also doesn’t help that none of my classes are really going and that the only thing I ever seem to sell is yarn.

Which isn’t bad, but could someone actually buy on of my artworks?  Please?  It’d be nice, and I’d be able to get a new laptop or, ya know, any of the equipment I need to actually make my art-making more efficient/effective.

IDEK, but I’m done whining at y’all for now.  Sorry about that.  This is what a transparent art-making:  insecurity, art, and angst in non-equal measures.

Dude, I’m sorry.  This just isn’t on.

Have some art and art-like substance.

So, yeah.  This is what I’ve been doing (mostly–there’s more monoprints kicking around in my studio), and the chimera series, which is not a quick series to work on (but when has anything I’ve ever made been “quick”), is wanting to be my next Quarter display and I may just–let it?