Today is my birthday! *nana na na na*

So, yeah, birthday.  I’m kinda taking the day off.  There will be talk of art and shows and tasty, tasty cake on the morrow.

And books.  I have been doing thinky and longing things about books.

That should come a surprise to no one.

I’m also having the worst fit of having-gotten-into-something-that’s-making-me-itchy ever in the History of Everything.


Courage and cake.

There is sadness in my little squid heart.

So, I don’t know if y’all know this, but WordPress has an import tool that will import your posts from other blog places (i.e., I thought it’s be nice if my Tumblr-freewheeling-on-the-go blog would export over here.).  This is awesome, but it’s not a continuous importation; you keep having to go back in a do it.  Basically, it’s an import tool that’s only good if you’re unifying multiple blogs, which would be nice if that’s what I wanted to do, but THAT’S NOT WHAT I WANT TO DO!

I like having multiple blogs, that people can follow me in various places and enjoy the different aspects of the Life, Universe, and Everything of a squid, if they so chose.

…I end up following other people various places for that exact reason.



I’m done now, I swear.

So, I’ve been enjoying the “What others think I do/what I think I do” meme, and Hyperallergic had an interview with the artist that came up with the meme.  It’s really interesting.  But, what I really enjoyed was seeing the original meme.

Except for the “What I actually do” being me cleaning my studio for the third time in a week, yeah, this is my life. <–Okay, the submitting art to shows and exhibition ideas forms are part of it too, but I swear I clean more than everything; I swear I’m not a horrible neat-freak either!

So, I also spent a good chunk of the morning making gluten-free pumpkin muffins with homemade butter-cream frosting for the opening at the ARTgarage tomorrow night.

Here they are, in all of their mini-muffin goodness.

They’re not picture-perfect beautiful, but they are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay tastier than the previous batch I had made.  I ended up tweaking the recipe some to make it work better. *is amazed that it worked*

For those of you that don’t know, I have a gluten-intolerance that I’m still learning to negotiate, so gluten-free baking is kinda nutty for me—especially since I wasn’t much of a baker before.  *whistles*

If you haven’t noticed, I’m still ignoring the Bill Gallery video that I promised to rant about.  I’ve had one of those days where the universe keeps dropping things on my head and breaking my toys, so my temper is already more-than-a-bit frayed.  Another time.

Also, I burned the crap out of my hand when I was baking today. *injured tentacle of rage*