patronage, commissions, and donations

Would you like to help to support projecTransparency (and its sub-projects) and tentacle-made studios?

You’re in luck!  It’s gotten easier to do.  Become a patron of projecTransparency and tentacle-made studios with Patreon!

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Or, if you’d rather just give a charitable donation, that option is yours also!

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Remember, I also take graphic design commission work!  (It’s priced completely differently from the drawing commissions, fyi, and graphic design work has contracts involved.)

Drawing commissions are also available!  Currently there are 5 commissions slots open.  Email me at tentaclemadestudios AT gmail DOT com in order to reserve your place!

NB:  Commissions are for personal use and are not intended for commercial sale.  All rights are retained by me (‘trie blasingame); although, I do encourage the share-and-share-alike sorta thing where there’s the possibility for remixes and sharing with proper credit attributed.

NOTE BENE:  I AM IN THE PROCESS OF RETOOLING THE EXPANDED, NON-CONVENTION COMMISSION PRICES.  mostly, because i’ve gotten a lot better at doing the digital thing since i made this line-up, so it’s not reflective of my currently skills and time commitment.

right now, it’s looking like

  • 5″x7″ single character, traditional medium in full-color, full-body or otherwise  (the “convention special”) is $25; $15 for each additional character
  • traditional medium sketches $10-15 (depending upon size); $5-10 for each additional character
  • traditional medium line art sketches $15-25 (depending upon size and additional color touches); $10-15 each additional character
  • traditional medium, full-color illustrations $25-50 (depending upon size); $20-30 for each additional character
  • digital sketches $25; $10 each additional character
  • digital line art $35 (bust), $40 (waist up), $45 (full body) $15 for each additional character; with flat color $45 (bust), $50 (waist up), $55 (full body) $25 for each additional character
  • digital lineless art $80; $20 for each additional character (simple backgrounds have no additional fee)

the examples of work will be up shortly.  for reference until then, please see my flickr portfolio for examples of my current work.

thank you for your patience.

* “traditional medium” in this instance refers to illustration markers.

** sculptures, mixed media, and other types of  commissions are available upon request

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