fiber art/wearable art

the pocket-friends are small-scale fiber pieces that are intended to be carried about since they’re conceptual purpose is to assist the carrier with mental health issues that occupational therapy can mediate like anxiety and adhd.

spindle's work, Zellandine's denouement:  faerie forrest. #art #artbatt #hellopurl #handspun #crochet #artyarn #fairylights #tentaclemade #fromthestudio #conceptual #conceptualart #spinning

spindle’s work, Zellandine’s denouement, which has it’s own series of pages, is primarily comprised of handspun fiber, which conceptually and materially connects the series with fairytales.

the untitled series about art is materially connected to spindle’s work, Zellandine’s denouement, but isn’t necessarily conceptually connected except in that this series is about “the objects that we create and consume, and I am interested in those objects, and what happens when they are decontextualized and recontextualized so that they have new, different, strange meanings—the Uncanny run-amok with a side of kitsch—as well as what happens with these new meanings which are informed not just by culturally specific semiotics but also with the playing of formal/not-formal form, color, and shape.”

chimera:  Randolph

The chimera series is a multi-faceted series that negotiates identity construction via collage and assemblage and are often performative and/or wearable object but all the pieces in the series entice on into interaction, into the act of contact and touch.

hide II

the hides are conceptually connected to the chimera series as well as utilizing some of the same forms and methods (albeit abbreviated) in their construction.

taxonomy:  butterfly box

tax·on·o·my: noun

1.the science or technique of classification.

2.Biology. the science dealing with the description, identification, naming, and classification of organisms.

The taxonomy series is a collection of pieces that are influenced by plant and animal forms and the hybridization of those forms. Some are wearable, some aren’t.

habitat I

the habitat series is a companion series to the taxonomy series essentially being the places that the taxonomy creatures live in.

scrump (budha)

The original fifteen pieces of the scrump series were my piece for the Columbia College Chicago BFA show during Manifest.  The series has since continued.

fungoid owlet (13/100)

Originally an emanation of the unnamed friends series, the fungoid owlets have kinda become their own thing as well as a precursor to the pocket-friends.

bondage like grandma used to make:  jingle flogger

bondage like grandma used to make is definitely inspired by Yvette Kaiser-Smith.  It just is.

The Dress Uniform of Leftenant-Colonel Αβιγαιλ Ποδεσ, Order of the Silver Octopus


‘trie blasingame

This is the dress uniform of Leftenant-Colonel Αβιγαιλ Ποδεσ, Order of the Silver Octopus and Oathsworn Protector of the Realm, 7th Regiment under The Victoria Elisabeta the Second, 5th in success of Victoria the Great, may She live in Αρcετηεθτηισ’ eldritchian splendor forever and ever—Madness Be!—who decreed that the Empire, long may it shine, should forever and always be ruled and protected by the women of Her realm.

untitled, or under constraint, detail

various steampunk fiber/wearable ensembles including deconstructing pierott and the untitled piece from the marry todd lincoln paper dress show.

little scrumbled friends:  squid family close-up go!

abomination. whimsy. fandom. art. squid.

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