spindle’s work, Zellandine’s denouement series

Series Statement:

I deal in fairytales—narratives that imply danger, that are kawaii, that are mythic, that are childhood, popular culture, and history all inextricably bound together.

I like words, and words lead to images that lead to embodiment that lead to affected space.

I like to explore through art that which is always explored through art but is rarely acknowledged as such—identity, alterity, and self-construction—which are explored through self-consciously constructed narratives:  the little stories that we tell everyday of which we each are the heroes.

My art practice revolves around fairytales, which are, by definition, the little stories that were our first defining moments:  both traditional fairytales and their contemporary (re)workings.  I combine this preoccupation with a visual culturalist’s/cultural studiesist’s eye for meta-narratives, which means that—at its heart—my art is about how we change the meaning of stories via our own individual understandings of them.

The spindle’s work, Zellandine’s denouement series explores these meta-narratives via the hand-spinning of fiber into yarn and the act of crocheting/knitting that fiber—acts that are traditionally considered “Women’s Work”—with other materials to comment on and extend the placement of women in these stories and the (re-)negotiation of gender paradigms that (can) occur in fairytale meta-narratives.

Portfolio Pages for this series:

  1. Year of the Snake to Grey Havens:  1/4
  2. wisdom, warfare, weaving to Zellandine:  2/4
  3. Thumbelina to The Mirror:  3/4
  4. 100 years in the tower to first born:  4/4

and, for a more immediate viewing of the series, a slideshow:

spindle's work, Zellandine's denouement:  faerie forrest. #art #artbatt #hellopurl #handspun #crochet #artyarn #fairylights #tentaclemade #fromthestudio #conceptual #conceptualart #spinning

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