As one might expect, I totally get too much mileage out of my digital camera.

Thank you Columbia for the scholarship-award that allowed me to get it.

As much as I enjoy traditional black and white photography, the digital camera allows for more photographic options.  It’s the Picasso “match medium to concept” application of all time.

Shoot in color, and then you can transfer it to black and white, sepia, or manipulate it later.

And, if you can’t tell, I’m really into my manipulation.

For me, it’s because the way I experience the world is far different from how it’s captured by the camera, and the digital manipulation recreates that experience.  It also allows for easier application of conceptual components.

The zombie!bunny series has its own page because I don’t want to anger the zombie!bunny (and the speaker for the dead self-portrait has its own page too), but here are slideshows of the rest of the photography series i have running:

glitch art

photo-a-day 2015

(i really like the snap aesthetic, which is where i’ve been moving towards with my photography, so *hands*.)

plushie cephalopods

little scrumbled friends:  squid family close-up go!

circus, circus (this is the sepia-tinted version; the black and white is here.)

Circus, Circus (sepia)

arcana mundi (black and white series; the color versions are here)

arcana:  earthbw


Familial Dynamics:  fey squid 2

familial dynamics (a black and white photo project)

Familial Dynamics:  ifirit

North Woods (surreal landscapes and object studies)

North Woods shore 2

carnival aesthetics (random snaps from the 2015 Shawano County fair)



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