glitch art

okay, so i’m not entirely certain that these altered photos necessarily constituted glitch art or generative art or something else entirely, so we’re gonna go with generative glitch for these highly (highly) processed photos that, part of what i like about them, is that i never really know what they’re going to look like when they’re done.

however, here are some loose definitions of the sorts of things that constituted new media art of the corrupted, glitched nature that was literally pilfered from sarahmutter-inspiration‘s glitch glossary post on tumblr:

ALGORITHMIC ART – this is art where the input is a code, program or computer function that is then utilised to create the outcome, or a series or range of outcomes with the artist controlling the settings of the algorithm to alter the outcome

ANALOGUE – any art or input created/used that isn’t digital, such as film photography, paper drawing etc

CIRCUIT BENDING – deconstructing and customising digital devices such as toys and cameras to create unique glitched effects

DATABENDING – the act of modifying a digital file in some way to cause it to  become corrupt or broken, usually used with sound, image, or video. An easy example tutorial can be found here.

DATAMOSH – mainly used in video, it’s the merging of two files so that the frames pixellate and mix into one another, recently used in a Kanye West video.

FRACTAL ART – fractal art is a digital and mathematical art where the finished image is self-similar at any level of zoom, no matter what level the image is zoomed into or out of it will resemble itself infinitely

GENERATIVE ART  – loosely, this is a term for art where a lot of the outcome is decided either randomly or with an algorithm, rather than solely by the artist. This can be with a specific code or program, or in an analogue way, such as by rolling a dice to make a decision

GLITCH – an error in a digital device or program resulting in unexpected/unplanned effects in an image/sound/video file, such as banding, colour alterations or noise

GLITCH ART – computer based art inspired by and created by manipulating the errors often found in corrupt or broken files

INTERNET ART –  digital artwork distributed to the audience instantly via the internet, negating the need for galleries and production/printing costs, and often widening the total audience, and becoming more accessible

NEW MEDIA ART – a broad term for modern art utilising technology in their work, such as computer and digital art, as well as film and radio

TRADIGITAL ART –  art created using a combination of traditional and digital/computer techniques

WABI-SABI – Japanese aesthetic of appreciation of the imperfect, the effects of chance, ageing,  depreciation and fleeting moments/non permanence

(also, for the sake of transparency, the original photos go through something like 4-6 different apps minimally to end up looking like they look, so that’s something to be aware of.)


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