speaker for the dead

So, this is me, my identity and such, rendered visually in a weirdly hybridized version of Duchamp (Marcel, Marcel), William Morris (“I” Box), and Joseph Cornell’s shadow-box assemblages.

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Speaker for the Dead:  A Self-Portrait



paper, wood, metal, felt, photography, beeds, spray paint, fabric, various found objects

As an artist creating representative portraiture in a highly referential, (post) postmodern world that is heavily reliant upon referentiality and the interenet, I think of portraits as representational works meant to capture a person’s personality, his/hers Self, yet in attempting to capture this Self, the artist is also imposing his/her view upon the subject.

Self-portraits theoretically act the same way.

Yet, as we create ourselves, the only ways in which we can express these Selves is to use externalized elements: words, images, colors, songs, etc.

When we create others, we do the same thing.

We Other them, and in doing so, we Other ourselves.

We can never see one another completely: physically or mentally. Even if you have a mirror to show the sides that you can’t see, these are just simulations.

A portrait is not different.

My piece works to straddle the lines between identity and portrait since a portrait is about an imposed identity.


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