I use to keep a web-comic called …quixotic or not that focuses around the trials and travails of a squid.  Every year at Ostara/Vernal Equinox (and Easter if it’s actually in March that year), I used to create a bunny-themed comic.  One year, it was the zombie!bunny, but it was so cute and so photogenic that I couldn’t wait and started a photo series out of it.

zombie!bunny I

The concept behind this piece, which is inherently a found object sculpture turned into the subject of a photo series–much like my friend ‘Lain‘s Roger’s Day Out series–is going to my old conceptual-stand-by of popular culture.

 Zombies are awesome.

 Zombies have re-entered the cultural zeitgeist again with a vengeance (and limb gnawing *om nom*).

 Zombies are being treated with some sympathy despite their murderous tendencies and dehumanizing mechanism–which is part of the point, isn’t it?  That zombies are the logical progression of capitalism run rampant?  Or the longing for capitalistic consumption.  The want, the desire for more.

 Throw in that zombies are arguably the blue collar workers of the monster world, and there’s something completely classicist and offensive about zombies having historically been dealt with as merely mindless chewing mechanisms.  Isn’t that why George Romero provided us with zombies like Bub who retain their their humanity (sorta)–enough to remember those who treated him badly and those that treated him well.

 And military asshats that killed his creepy mad scientist friend.

 Combine this sympathy for zombies (there’s even some sympathy going on in Pride, Prejudice, and Zombie, which is kinda surprising since it’s very anti-zombie) with the Bunnicula series, and you get my zombie!bunny.

 The zombie!bunny is one of those old 80s fuzzy bunny banks purchased from my local Goodwill that has been altered with various paints and mediums (and some melting) to make him zombie-esque.  Considering the way that bunnies multiply, it seems the logical non-human zombie.

 So, there is some irony in the zombie!bunny since he was purchased from a thrift store (a place in which people dump their excess consumerism) and is essentially a cast-off popular culture artifact (re)becoming a different popular culture artifact.

 My brain=werid and zombie!bunny approved!  <–It tastes like carrots.


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