traditional art-adjacent

i mean, there’s an argument to be made that all, as soon as it exists, becomes “traditional” in that there’s a use of medium and message, principles and composition.

really, that’s probably really semantics at work, but that’s why i’m going with traditional-adjacent as an art–and portfolio!–category.


(it’s also a way of corralling some of my older pages/older art into someplace out of the way while still giving a place for my new experiments to live.)

so, i’ve just begun encaustic.  hopefully, there’s going to be a lot more of it–enough to be it’s own category.

i’ve really just begun this series of altered book pieces that i’m really enjoying, and i’m trying to combine some of that into the encaustic pieces.

fractal galaxies are just mixed media (i.e., watercolor, gauche, ink, gel pen, chalk pastel, and–sometimes–glitter) galaxy paintings i’ve been making on handmade paper.

the untitled not-really francis bacon series–yes, that’s its name–are pastel, chalk, and charcoal impressionistic drawings that are overlaid/infected/inhabited by my the Nothing(s) series.


These sorts of organic forms keep showing up in my work, but they’re evolving too. And, they’re showing up in really strange places.

At first, the taxonomic structures were kind of a butterfly/dragonfly/cell(ular) structure reference that was decorative, organic, and often monstrous as well as a base for the chimerae.

Now? It’s just kinda—imposing itself everywhere.

It’s creepy.

On a whim to create one of these on plex, I was drawing it on top of a discarded atlas page (so that I could see what I was doing and not mark all over my new ginormous self-healing matte), and I had this super-imposed image of a flowing, engulfing nothingness. <–Okay, this could be a resurgence of my interest economic theory but seriously?

But, The Nothing is in slime and ooze and cancerous egg sacs spewing destruction.

So, it’s a happy Nothing. *blech*

‘Though, the egg sac thing is kinda contradictory—except for all of the entire Aliens references.

*waves hand* The cancer-thing is definitely an influence, literarily, from The Witches of Eastwick (novel), which I despised with a passion. <–I saw John Updike speak when I was a Freshman, and I thought that he was a pretentious dick then. I had chalked it up to being tired and, due to being late, having to sit on the floor. Now? I’m pretty certain my first impression was the correct impression. *shrugs*

So, yeah, The Nothing.

a really incomplete series of embroidery experiments and printmaking shenanigans.

just some experiments in handmade paper and inclusion papers.

full tunnel book

primarily non-conceptual bookmaking.  i do create conceptual books, but i don’t seem to have any decent images of them?  (or, really, any at all?  idek.)

scales:  untitled 1

scales and methods are basically things i do when i’m stuck and need to get back to basics~

eloi XIII:  a Frank Lloyd Wright in Space Rip-off

some of my installations


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