…slack, slacker, slackest

I feel as if I’ve been a complete slacker the last few days ’cause no art made to speak of.




I’ve been reorganizing my studio (again) so that I can work on the dress for the Art to Wear show.  I made my request to the Void for that portaiture competition (waiting on some more responses).  I wrote the newest …quixotic or not, so that’s up and waiting for people to peer at it.  Been conducting some research into arty-things and found out that I get to start work (again) a week early.


Overall, not slacker, just not physically productive.


…does that sound like I’m completely talking out of my hat?


It does?  Oh, good.  I though it was just me.


Have I mentioned that I have a bike now?  A red and pretty and shiny and it has a bell.  *squee*  I also discovered that the paper I wrote on Buffy and fan-constructed language has been cited in someone’s disseration.


Weird, yeah?


I’m off, kiddos.  Stay outta trouble.


…a request to the Void

Portraits are defined as “1: picture; especially: a pictorial representation of a person usually showing the face 2: a sculptured figure : bust 3: a graphic portrayal in words”. Merriam-Webster Dictionary Online In essence, a portrait is a work, representational or not, that captures a person’s personality, their self. That’s all good and shiny, shiny and good, but, in doing so, the artist is also imposing their view upon that person.


Self-portraits theoretically do the same thing. Don’t get me started on the mental gymnastics involved there.


Yet, as we create ourselves, the only ways in which we can express these selves and Selves is to use exterior/externalized elements: words, images, colors, songs, etc.


When we create others, we do the same thing.


We Other them and, in doing so, we Other ourselves.


Now, the point:


How does an artist create portraiture, representational or not, in a highly referential, (post) postmodern world that is heavily reliant on referentiality and the internet?


  1. read theory on autobiography since, in a way, a self-portrait is as much autobiography narrative as it is portrait.
  2. bug your various f-lists or readers (assuming you have any)–’cause, really, whose gonna know you better? o.O`
  3. is anathema to <lj user=amireal>.
  4. make something resembling a plan (wait, isn’t this bit sorta, ya know, late in the list?)
  5. collect info.
  6. art!


So, what I need, if y’all don’t mind, is for you, my dearest internet wanders, is to leave me words, images, songs, whatever-you-feel-like that makes you think of wee, tiny squids (me!).


Yes, I know, the idea for this came from a relatively recent LJ meme. I still think it’s an interesting way to collect information.


And, if you’d like more information about the contest I will be entering the piece that y’all are so graciously assisting me in, please go to The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery’s 2009 Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition. It’s rather shiny and I have no chance in hell of winning, but it’d be fun to try.

…proto-plushie sushi

After 8+ hours of hand sewing, there is plushie sushi! \o/


No pictures.  It’s too late and I’d have to schlep lights after sewing all evening.  Maybe tomorrow morning before the recipient’s graduation.


…if I’m not running late.


It’s kinda shiny though.  It could be better, but it’s the first try.  Hopefully, recipient will like it.

…blah, blah, blah, Art to Wear and Gladstone, blah

I sent off the Gladstone application this afternoon. \o/ Part of it was to send related work and then propose what you wanted to do for the show.  I submitted–



For my proposal, I wrote


The work I propose is approximately 7 feet tall and 3 feet wide wall-hung installation.  Its materials will include, but are not limited too, unbeaten kozo, flax, and cotton papers, and yarn.  This piece will be similar in execution to the representative work images attached, but larger since these pieces have been relegated to a small scale due to lack of space.


This piece is a dwelling place for the uncanny and, as such, the texture lent by unbeaten kozo is imperative since it creates a visual viseralness that is reminiscent of a alien fungoid made of muscle fiber.  That there are pieces attached to it that echo sea anemones, egg sacs, and barnacles enhances this feeling of alienness and discomfort.



So, it’s in.  If I get accepted, it’s $105 fee though.  *eep*  But, it’s only if you get accepted so if I suck it’s not such a big deal.


In other news, my dress-form came today.  Not exactly what I expected, but I needed something relatively fast and it’ll suffice.  Now, the dress for Art to Wear.  I’ve been thinking about a chicken wire and floral mesh pierrot with a ruffled collar like elizabeth.


I’m also working on a portrait for What is Today’s Portrait?, but, really, I have absolutely no idea what the hell I’m going to make for it.  *sigh*  Different kind of thinking.  I’m thinking by starting with definitions of “portrait” and “portraitry” and reading some autobiographical theory stuff and seeing what happens.


See ya, kiddos.

…random blathering

Today, I–


*dramatic pause*


*keeps pausing*


*just a bit more*


–mailed my ACCI Gallery submissions.


*waits for cheering*




So, okay, it might not be a fantastic amount of stuff done, but it was important.  I also drew out the pattern for sock-geisha, cross-stitched patches, so that’s something too.


…now, I just need to cross-stitch one.  *headdesk*


Not necessarily related to art, but related to mailing things (and does anybody else completely hate the post office and their move to “first class” stamps rather than how it used to be i.e. based on weight and money? *seethes*), I mailed Theory Sarah off her mixes today, which was shiny.  Now, must make ones for Micha.


Since there’s nothing visual today, here are Theory Sarah’s mixes with commentary!




Disc 1:


1.  “Oops, I did it again”, Palast Orchester & Max Raabe, Hitpalast


A truly bizarre and unholy mixture of Britney Spears and German cabaret.  Brilliant and disturbing.  They have a myspace page.


2.  “Dizz Knee Land”, Dada, Puzzle


How can you not like a band named after this art moment?  And they live up to the name too.  They are disjunctive and surreal and political—just like the Dadaists.


3.  “They write books about this sort of thing”, Say Hi to Your Mom, Discosadness


It just seems like it should be the theme song for every literature person in the history of the universe.  Nice and pop-y and rather shiny.


4.  “Alice in Wonder Underground”, Buck-Tick


A random slice of j-pop which really should be in FLCL, but meh.  Pretty pop with pretty Asian boys—it really can’t get much better than this.  There’s a video of this song of youtube somewhere.  Definitely worth the watch.


5.  “White Rabbit”, Collide, Chasing the Ghost


I love this cover.  If Grace Slick had been born just a bit later, this would have been the original version.  Needless to say, Collide is ambient and noisy and industrial.  They, also, have a myspace page.


6.  “Vampire”, Antsy Pants, Juno Soundtrack


A couple of ten year old girls bouncing about on a bed and singing about a Jhonen Vasquez type vampire.  A random download that I completely adore.  Hopefully, you’ll like it as much as I do.


7.  “Pale”, Within Temptation


Celtic, melodramatic angst.  It’s pretty, though not my favorite.  It makes a nice transition though.


8.  “Insects”, Curiosity


Curiosity is a Chicago-based punkatorian/Victorianindustrial musician who does, in fact, dress in full-on lolita, which is rather shiny in my mind.  I like her.  She’s overwrought.


9.  “Glittering Cloud (The Plague of Locusts)”, Imogen Heap


Another random download in a River from Firefly fanmix (Beauty in the Breaking) that I have fallen in love with.  It’s perky and kinda Postal Service feeling, but by a girl!  Although, I always think that she sounds rather androgynous and like the lead singer of Savage Garden.  The different tempos are really fantastic.


10.  “Gasoline”, Enter the Haggis, Casualties of Retail


I saw them on Austin City Limits and that was it.  I was hooked.  They’re cute and Scottish and wear kilts and Docs on stage.  *swoons*  This is my favorite song of theirs.  It has banjos, fiddles, and bitchin’ about Scottish-things both traditional and new.


11.  “Furnace Room Lullaby”, Neko Case and Her Boyfriends, Furnace Room Lullaby


I first heard this song while watching The Gift.  It’s Celtic-American country at its absolute best.  Neko Case has a fantastic voice, absolute control of the pathos, and the song is damn catchy.


12.  “Let the Record Show”, Emilie Autumn, Opheliac


Emilie is another Chicago-based musician of the punkatorian/Victorianindustiral persuasion.  I think she might have even coined the term.  Maybe not my absolute favorite song of hers, but it’s up there in the top five.  Opheliac was her transition into full-on industrial music after more fairy-fantasy, heavily violin-oriented music and, before that, true classical.  I saw her in concert once.  Definitely worth the hassle. 


13.  “Just not rock and roll enough”, Heather Perry


A Chicago-based folk musician who I went to Columbia with.  Heather really is brilliant and funny.  Her BFA was in theatre of all things.  She performed Shakespeare.  She also liked performance art and she is as brilliant performing as she is on CD.  Heather’s one of my favorite people.  And, she has a myspace page and regular site too!  With downloads!


14.  “Gorecki”, Lamb, Lamb


I first heard this song when watching the Torchwood episode “They keep killing Suzie”.  It plays at the end of the episode.  I performed my google-fu and, behold!, “Gorecki”!  I love the delicacy of the beginning, how fragile the singer sounds like she’s sitting precariously on the edge of life and death.  Brilliant.


15.  “Delicious”, Kazuhisa Yamaguchi and Ichirou Imai, Petshop of Horrors OST


Ambient and lovely, “Delicious” is also the name of a TV episode and a manga episode of Petshop of Horrors where a bride, who is a famous pop idol, throws herself off the side of a cruise ship on her wedding night to get revenge on her new husband.  She, seemingly, shows back up as a mermaid who has amnesia.  The Husband buys her from D’s petshop and takes her home with him.  She, over the course of the episode and in good Japanese mermaid tradition, eats him.  It’s rather shiny.  This song is supposed to be one of the Bride’s songs.


Disc 2:


1.  “End of Creation”, Psyche Corp


Psych Corp is considered a steampunk band (although, I’m fairly certain it’s one person)—more or less.  I love how operatic the singer is.  She has a wonderful range and the story is compelling.


2.  “Ago”, Sky Salt, I Believe in Fairytales


Sky Salt, although no longer together, is a favorite band of mine.  I love their mix of fairytale and music.  The folkiness of this song is nice too, especially with the little bit of harder guitar towards the end.  They probably fall somewhere in the cabaret punk/baroque pop genre.  Where, I’m not exactly sure.  They referred to themselves as a “fairytale rock band”.


3.  “Fairytale”, Sara Bareilles, Careful Confessions


Sarah Bareilles is a new one for me, but how can you not appreciate someone whose essentially created a modernized, feminist version of fairytales which both renounces and embraces fairytales at the same time through song?


4.  “Paper Angels”, Sky Salt, I Believe in Fairytales


The image in my head of “paper angels” is too lovely and I hope that this whimsy carries over to you.  The glissandied waltz at the very beginning is so pretty and the rhythm of the song is so nice.


5.  “My Medea”, Vienna Teng


I always thought Medea was awesome:  strong and powerful and cut-throat in a completely understandable way.  And that Vienna Teng wrote a song about Medea and the labyrinth and what she’s killed makes me all a-squee.  I love her voice, her range, her composition, and her lyrics.  She so does not suck.


6.  “Bang Bang”, Violet Indiana, Casino


I first became acquainted with Violet Indiana through a compellation called “12 Tales”, which is really lovely and the insert art is by Amy Brown.  I love the murderousness of this song and how matter-of-fact it is.  I always think of speak-easies and gangsters when listening to this song.  Dunno why, I just do.


7.  “Carnival Justice”, Hannah Fury


Another one of those punkatorian/Victorianindustial musicians, but I really like her.  She’s a bit more whimsical that Emilie Autumn or Curiosity.  The layers make it so there’s always something new to hear every time you listen to it.  She has a myspace and regular website, both of which are worth a gander.  And, she sings in French and likes periot!  What more could you ask for?


8.  “Hollow”, Better Than Ezra, Before the Robots


Even though Better Than Ezra is totally a frat-band, they’re one of my favorite bands ever.  Their first album was the first CD I ever bought on my own.  “Hollow”, I think, is quintessentially them:  a little silly, a little bitter, a lot ironic.  Beautifully written, angsty lyrics and catchy songs.  I really hope you like them.  Did I mention they’re from New Orleans?


9.  “Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk”, Rufus Wainwright, Poses


My favorite Rufus song, hands down.  There are no words for it.  He’s hit everything that’s bad for you and brilliant and makes life something to be enjoyed.  The fact that Rufus is essentially a crooner only makes it better.


10.  “Smile and Wave”, The Headstones, Greatest Fits


A very, very new band for me; The Headstones are a Canadian band.  I don’t know much about them.  One of my livejournal friends (Salieri, troyswann on livejournal) turned me onto them.  I like the roughness of their music, the absolute “fuck you”ness of it.


11.  “Slow Me Down”, Emmy Rossum


The syncopation and variety in this is brilliant.  I stumbled upon it due to a River from Firefly fanmix (Beauty in the Breaking) again.  Very pretty.


12.  “Beautiful Disaster”, Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers, Real to Reel


The title always makes me think of Kelly Clarkson (what?  She doesn’t suck.  She’s fairly decent.)  Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers are the remnants of The Refreshments, Gin Blossoms (though he’s evidently returned to the Gin Blossoms), and Dead Hot Workshop.  They are borderland rock at its best.  Completely brilliant and more-than-a-bit silly.


13.  “Bohemian Like You”, The Dandy Warhols, Buffy the Vampire Slayer:  Radio Sunnydale


It funny and catchy and, due to an Atlantis fanvid, always makes me think of Radek as well as Xander.  I dunno.  I just really like it.


14.  “Let’s Talk about Spaceships”, Say Hi to Your Mom, Numbers and Mumbles


Again, because of an Atlantis fanmix.  I love the avoidance of this song.  It so works for slash pairings.


15.  “Ride on Shooting Star”, The Pillows


Another slice of j-pop that really is in FLCL.  It’s fun and catchy and really needs a yellow Vespa in it. Or, as Eric says, crunchy, ”Diamond Dogs” era Bowie with a good riff.


See ya on the otherside, kiddos!

…something related to “productive”



I’ve spent a lot of time today deciding what three pieces I was going to send to the Acci Gallery’s 2008 National Juried Exhibition:  chimera: Randolph, taxonomy: Audrey III, and Bondage like grandma used to make: jingle flogger. So that, at least, is decided. And the application only needed filling out, a CD, SASE, and entry fee. Really, really easy to put together.


For once.


Now, I just need to finish it up and send it off tomorrow.  Then, oh then!, I get to work on my proposal for the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto’s Hard Twist show and decide if I really want to apply to for membership with the 62 Gallery.  It’d be shiny, but I’m not certain I’m ready for it yet.


But, in less stress-inducing news, the Art to Wear show’s deadline is actually June 21st instead of June 2nd like it was published in FiberArts.  


*breathes properly for the first time in weeks*


My dress-form might actually be here in time for me to make something new for it.  Yay!


And, so there is a point of reference when I’m complaining about my lack-of-studio-space, a picture!

cc -Some rights


Yes, it is on my enclosed front-porch and it is that cluttered.  What you’re not seeing is that, behind where I’m taking the picture from, is about 15 basses and guitars, Yule decorations, other art works, supplies, and the unused-front-door.


Shiny, huh?


And, so y’all don’t feel cheated.  A sock-geisha.

cc -Some rights


Bye, kiddos!


I have a stack of work to do and I can’t really get myself to work on it.  What makes this unusual is that it’s work of, literally, my own creation.


Ya see, I have, of my own volition, quite school for the time being to make art.  And now?  I’m freaking out ’cause I have all of these self-imposed deadlines, a zillion and five ideas for things to make, and zero space in which to work.


…somehow, I don’t think I thought this through as much as I thought I had.


I think the only thing that isn’t driving me batty at the moment is …quixotic or not ( quixotic-or-not.livejournal.com/ ), my webcomic.  I’m still not thrilled with how it looks as yet, but I’m working on it.  


Now, if Tom would stop harshing my squee because I’m not an authenticity nazi, it’d be nice.


And, since this is an art-blog and all the angst that’s associated with it, I give you art.









cc -Some rights




elizabeth presented on my lovely model.  This piece is about identity construction and understanding other people’s identities.  Kind of a play on “walking a mile in someone else’s shoes” except that you’re exchanging a collar for shoes.


And, there is not potential beating of people later for having stolen someone’s shoes.


Not funny.  I know.  


But I never really claimed to be funny.  


*completely deadpan*


Also, for the record, I really don’t like fixed column width.  Just sayin’.

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