the once-a-day projects

the sketch-a-day project came about because i wanted to be able to draw better.

as primarily a sculptor, being able to draw in a way that does more than make sense to me hasn’t been a priority, and coming out of art school, i could draw still-lifes but not really much more with an individual style, which is where the sketch-a-day project came from.

i’m now into my second year of sketch-a-day, and it’s become more than just learning to draw better; with the additions of inktober/drawlloween and photo-a-day(s), the sketch-a-day project(s) also become about a continuous connection to my audience as well as generating new ways in which to interact with the multiple texts i exist in conversation with and emphasizing that art is process and growth.

tl;dr:  it gives people something new to look at everyday, and i get to talk to the tv shows and things i like in different ways and show that art-making is work.

these are slideshows of the entire and evolving projects that are housed on my flickr.

sketch-a-day 2016

photo-a-day 2016:  this year’s photo-a-day centers around a singular figure–squishy.  an amigurumi, crocheted squid that i made.  this year, we document his adventures.  (he’s also a placeholder for self-portraiture.)

selfie-a-day 2016:  one of the most important things to me as an artist is transparency in my art-making, and my selfie-a-day project is all about transparency and the documentation of my own physical and emotional health since i suffer from a myriad of mental and physical health issues.  hopefully, in keeping this year-long documentation of my life via self-portraiture, there can be some sort of transparency achieved.

sketch-a-day 2015

inktober/drawlloween 2015

photo-a-day 2015

sketch-a-day 2014

inktober 2014



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