I have committed dye-ing–


Well, not really.  Y’all don’t have to do that.  I’m just being silly.

But!  I have washed like 10-12 lbs. of (local) alpaca today and dyed it and a bunch of domestic wool, silk, merino, and mohair today.

I may not have gotten my studio cleaned today, but I did do this…basically, so I had more stuff to spin.

Which means, I’m going to have to card all of this first.


…I’m never going to get the black to come our right. *is sad*

But, see–

Sudsy alpaca.

Mind you, this was about 10 minutes before I managed to face-plant into the (mostly) empty vat and bruised the hell outta myself.  I’m graceful, I am.

Never let it be said that artists don’t sacrifice for (to) their art.  Art gets pissy if it isn’t sacrificed to on the regular.

I’m totally not joking.

*is joking–kinda*

Oh!  I classed on Saturday, and it was the largest class I’ve had yet:  eight people.  I even sold some yarn.

So, if y’all wanna know the super-basics of drop-spindle making, here’s vidlet.

I love drop spindles.  They’re totally physics in action!

For art!

For science!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, the quiet set-up before the storm class.

Okay, I’m gonna go and tend to my various bruises by flumping somewhere comfortable.


I’ve been being productive, all the live-long day.

And the dwarfs have been sent off to work.


*is all Gilmore-Girl-y with my references*


This is a very studio-heavy post ’cause I’ve been being all studio-productive-y this year! *\o/*


Part of that productivity has been playing with dye. I’m calling it Experiments in Dye Land.


Since I learned to spin in 2011 (Thanks, Miss Hel!), I am now trying my tentacles at acid dyeing wool.  <–I'm experimenting with some wool that I purchased at the Farmer's Market this summer from the Embarrass Carding Mill.


Yes, there is a town not-too far from me called Embarrass, pronounced like “I’m embarrassed by.” <–I'm not kidding.  Embarrass.  Really.




So, acid dyeing protein fibers actually requires that the fiber and the dye be simmered for a bit of time in a set-up that I don't have (and don't have the money to supply), and I don't have a canning rig (yet!) to borrow from, so I kinda–improvised–it.  <–From instructions similar to these instructions from Dharma Trading Company.




These are the results:


acid dyed (with procion dye) wool 1


From left to right: Jet Black (which totally didn’t come out black; it came out grey and acid green, which is rather shiny), Black Cherry, and Turquoise.


acid dyed (with procion dye) wool 2


From left to right: Turquoise (second hank of it), China Red, and Deep Orange.


I think that, for my first try, it didn’t came out too badly.


And, since I had the dyeing stuff out, I thought that I’d dye a bunch of white t-shirts that I had siting about.


kelly green, teal, and turquoise procion dye crossed grid


kelly green, teal, and turquoise procion dye burst


Both of these shirts were dyed with a mixture of Kelly Green, Teal, and Turquoise.


turquoise and jet black procion dye


turquoise procion dye in a grid pattern


The shirt on the top is Jet Black and Turquoise; on the bottom, Turquoise.


china red procion dye burst


china red procion dye fragments


Both of these are dyed with China Red.


burgundy & deep orange procion dye in a burst


This one is dyed with Burgundy and Deep Orange.


Of course, I managed to injure myself while tyeing-up the shirts.


*eyeroll heard ’round the world*


What can I say? I’m accident prone.


*trips over a piece of paper*


…I’m okay.


*tra lala la la*


I’m currently wearing the Jet Black/Turquoise shirt. *twiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrls*


I’ve also been working on a corollary series to my unnamed friends series; it’s currently untitled, but I’ve been referring to it as echo-spectre.


The key words/conceptual framework behind them is sorta looking like this: homonculus, daguerreotype, shimmer, echo, Book of Pressed Fairies, Platonic Ideal, shuggoths, Lovecraft, graffiti, Andy Warhol, pop art, unnamed friends, taxonomy, doodle, butterfly, and organic.


singular echo of fungoid owlet


owlets in the mist


echo-spectre set


echo-spectre bird-blobs


echo-spectre algae primate


I also have a critter–unnamed friends: pop-tart Monday.


unnamed friends:  pop-tart monday


So, yeah, except for the two echo-spectre-owlet panels, all of this has been completed in 2012.


*is an awesome squid of awesomeness*


I’m going to posting my class schedule at the ARTgarage soon, though I’m teaching a Bookmaking class and a Storybead class this Saturday if y’all need something to do and are in the area.


*bounces off to clean the studio and do more work*



random post of randomness

So, I’ve been playing around with the wool I purchased this summer, seeing if I could perform a (modified in wacky ways) acid dye on it; it’s going well.


I  think.


It’s modified because I don’t really want to boil the dye-bath-wool combination on my stove for ever and, more-so, because I don’t have a pot that I can sacrifice since it needs to not be aluminum and it can’t be used for anything else ever again.


Kinda a hassle, yeah?


Though, the pot I boil kozo in might be steel. I’m not sure, and I don’t need to explode dye and wool.


If this craziness works, not only will I be able to spin my own yarn, but I’ll be able to dye it too!


*is totally in awe of the awesomeness*


Now, if I could just learn how to spin the specialty eyelash-fuzzy-creature-looks-like-an-anemone-when-it’s-crocheted yarn, I’d be golden.




I might also go completely crazy and do a full-on acid dye session tomorrow.  Maybe, I’ll even suck it up and dye all these white t-shirts I’ve got sitting around.


*frolics in Dye Land*


I’ve also been screwing around with the echo-spectre (real name yet to be determined) pieces. There’s something screwy about them, and I haven’t quite figured out what it is yet. *needs to sit and be all contemplate-y of my bellybutton art*


This is what I do when I’m sitting around waiting to hear about things.



I might even do some bookmaking tomorrow. Really keep myself out of trouble.


Can y’all tell I’m not getting anything that I’m supposed to be working on done?  Like, ya know, my sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project.


*is the naughtiest naughty to ever be naughty*


*REVELS in their entrails*


*tra lala la la la la*