deconstruction: Twilight

NB: This craziness is for my Visual Culture seminar, and I would really appreciate it if y’all would leave critical comments: dis/like Twilight (film and/or novel, the cultural phenomenon), what ya think of the piece, what ya think of the theoretical response(s), should I wear an orange Jayne-hat everywhere I go. Ya know, the general. I even made a poll so that it would be easier! (ETA: Evidently, LJ won’t let you take the poll unless you’re a member, so I’ve attached the poll questions at the end of this note. Have I told y’all how much I love you?)  Also, the images are linked so that you can take a closer look at them if you so please (and I hope you do please!).

deconstruction: Twilight

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Mina Murray’s Response to deconstruction: Twilight

Artist’s Statement:
deconstruction: Twilight is a postmodern, poststructuralist critique of Twilight and, since the novel cannot be separated from the associated media that has grown up around it, its cultural phenomenon, utilizing the fragmented and decontextualized text of the novel to create a sculpture that references not only the text but the semiotic signs and signifiers of cultural, consumptive practices such as tweenster bedroom culture and media obsession. Due to the structure of the sculpture and the continued readability of the text on the sculpture, the text refuses easy (dis)closure and insists that it be read since, in true Derridaian fashion, the most effective way to refute a text is with the text; despite this refutation, the readability of the text does not forcibly require viewers to agree with the work but, rather, to take in the interpretation and decide for themselves.. Additionally, the art tradition of the male gaze, which acts as an artistic ground for the sculpture as well as a cultural ground, is redirected due to the slippage between the sculpture’s gaze and the viewers’ object/abjectification of the masculinized, sexualized, and fetishized text.
Poll Questions Since Livejournal is Mean!:

What do you think of the vampire genre?
  • J’adore!
  • BLECH!
  • ‘Tis okay.
  • Not my cuppa tea.
  • Meh.

What vampire movies (or books) have you seen (or read)?

Are you familiar with Twilight?

  • *stabs eyes out*
  • *draws hearts and Team Edward/Team Jacob diagrams–with hearts*
  • Yes. *eyes warily*
  • Yes! \o/
  • Um, isn’t that that thing that happens every evening when the sun goes down?

Cultural phenomenon surrounding Twilight

  • OMG! The tweensters need to stop with the Twilight obsession!
  • I’m totally for it! I <3 Twilight
  • What is this Twilight of which you speak?
  • I could really care less as long as the tweensters don’t get glitter on me.

If you would be so kind, please explain your answer.

Twilight the novel

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  • Hate it with the passion of a thousand suns
  • Luuuuuuurve it with all my little heart
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Please explain your answer

Twilight the motion picture

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  • Hate it with the passion of a thousand suns
  • Luuuuuuurve it with all my little heart
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Please explain your answer.How do you feel deconstruction: Twilight is responding to the culture phenomenon of the Twilight novel and motion picture? Again, if the answer doesn’t fit, please continue it in the comments.

Why do you think that vampires have re-emerged into contemporary visual culture? If there isn’t enough room here, please continue in the comments.