drive-by: gallery nite and earth day

a return to the annoying reminder of Things I’ll Be At because it’s that time of year again.

gallery nite is April 16th, and i’ll be at the ARTgarage demo-ing–something.  DO Y’ALL HAVE SUGGESTIONS WHAT I SHOULD DEMO?!?!?!  i’ll also have things to shill, and a ‘lain freaking out in the corner.

additionally, i’ve also been asked to show at the college of menominee nation’s earth day thingie on april 22nd.

what do y’all think?  you think i should participate in the show?  what do i take with me if i do?!?!?!?!

(that’s the point in having chimera:  gryphon as the featured image of this post.  because gryphon–all the chimera–are recylcled/upcycled, mixed media pieces, so i should take some of them, yeah?)

Birthday Update.

So, sad squid is sad.  I wasn’t able to go to The Art Garage‘s Gallery Night due to Winter Storm Francesca and the 19+ inches of snow she dumped on our heads.


As y’all can see.  Snow.  Lots.  Of.  SNOW!  /o\


It’s mostly gone now.  o.O


I also didn’t get to retrieve my prizes for placing in the College of Menominee Nation‘s World Water Day art competition sponsored by the Sustainability Institute.


*this is me annoyed*


But!  I did get to go to The Art Garage yesterday with the lovely Sara and Spawn #2.  It looks like I may be doing some volunteering for the nice peoples.  I encourage everyone else in the Green Bay area to volunteer also.  They are completely dependent upon volunteer help, and they are a totally worthy institution to volunteer for–bring art to the community!


Also, if anyone is a local Green Bay artist and would like to be shown at The Art Garage, they have space for rent that’s really reasonable.


And The Husband got me the best teacup for my birthday.  If y’all hadn’t guessed, I like all things tentacled, and Anthropologie has the perfect teacup for those who are cephalopod obsessed.


It’s really fantastic.  The handle is textured like a tentacle, and there’s a picture of a little sailing vessel on the inside so that the implication is the tentacle is coming to drag the ship down into the briny depths.


*happy sighs*


Definitely a present that some who knows you really well would get you.


I’m also doing some revamping to the artwork section of the blog.  It’s going kinda slowly.  As always, the “instant gratification” part of viewing my art is to go check it out on my Flickr.  One day, everything will be consolidated!  (raise you hand if you think this is a complete and utter lie *raises hand*)


So, just ’cause I can and because it’s fun to watch Mr. Morph be all flumexed and silly, a video.  Morpheus the Kitty-Dog trying to make friends with The Little Black Cat and failing miserably.


I shouldn’t think it’s funny, but it really is.



Poor Morph!  It’s just lucky he’s pretty.

World Water Day=snowpacalypse

It’s kinda ironic, if you think about it.  Not that the now isn’t beautiful (and I have totally been taking night photos of the snow storm–they are forth-coming).


So, last week, I told y’all about the two pieces that I submitted for “The Voice of Water” competition at College of Menominee Nation‘s Sustainability Institute.


Both of my pieces placed!  The photograph placed third, and the painting placed second.  Honestly, the third place means more to me because there was more competition for it, but both of the pieces placing is very exciting since neither medium is my preferred medium.  <–Although, the painting is kinda sculptural due to the use of modeling paste medium.


What I didn’t remember to tell y’all is that “The Voice of Water” prompt was for World Water Day (I’m not sure I actually knew it at the time I entered).  I went to the little showing at CMN because I totally wanted to see the Best of Show (it was an art quilt; it was awesome).  I also wanted to see the little kids interpretations of water.  They were looking really good.  Loads of potential.


Also, today–because World Water Day and a snow storm just wasn’t enough–I did my guest lecture thing for the Husband’s Humanities class.  There were a whole four people, but it seemed to go well.  Since an hour-and-ten-minutes really isn’t enough time to do more than a cursory drive by of the 20th (and 21st) century, I did a more “let’s talk about how we perceive and define art and how that has changed through the 20th century” thing.  The kiddos talked (*shock* *awe*), and there was even a bit of contention between students about what constituted art.  I did a drive-by of ontology and a reminder of semiotics, and I got the chance to show them some of my favorite artists.


It was shiny.  Probably in my top ten teaching experiences.  And!  There wasn’t all the normal pressure of teaching since I was just a guest!


Later this week, there will likely be another blog.  I wanna show y’all the night photography I’ve been doing (got a new tripod, thanks to the Husband), I can tell y’all about the fabulous coffee and cheese prizes I got for my art placing, and I can tell y’all about Gallery Night at The Art Garage.


*points*  If you’re going to be in Green Bay Thursday night, come to the Gallery Night!


Okay, obviously, I didn’t get this posted yesterday.  After I turned in the competition pieces, I spiked a temp and was essentially useless the rest of the day.


I’m not really sure today has been better, but I’ve been productive:  made three pendants, a morgue-board, and cleaned the house (including changing the bedding).  <–I am a super-exciting person, aren’t I?


The competition that I entered into is hosted by College of Menominee Nation‘s Sustainability Institute; it’s called “The Voice of Water.”  I entered two pieces:  one photograph and one painting.  The photograph y’all might be familiar with since I’ve posted it over on my Flickr-stream and my Facebook photos.  I took this photograph on a super foggy day and then manipulated the contrast and color so that it came out in blues rather than greys.  For me, this photo typifies water:  not only does it gesture at fog and cold, but it also has the murkiness and reflectivity of a lake or a swamp.


I really think this is my favorite photograph of the ones that I have taken up here.  It makes me think of mangrove swamps and lurking crocodilians.  Two of my favorite images.


The other “Voice of Water” pieces is a painting that incorporated a polymer acrylic image transfer of the above photograph.  This piece is painted on a piece of random cardboard I had.  I was originally going to paint it on a piece of  book board and frame the piece in a vintage frame that I had spray painted pale blue (it has since become my morgue-board), but I didn’t have any book board that would fit the frame.  This piece was painted with spray paint, acrylic paint, modeling paste medium, illumination medium, and polymer acrylic medium with a polymer acrylic digital transfer.


The piece itself tries to encompass all the qualities of water from fog to ice to white caps.  It also expresses the patience of water, the destructive/regenerative nature of water, and the danger of water.


I like the concept behind it.


There’s something like 20 hours of work in that painting and a whole lot of drying time.  But, they’ve been submitted.  Hopefully, the judges don’t think they suck out loud.  <–Welcome to the insecure-artist section of the day.  *eyeroll heard ’round the world*


I’d feel more confident about this piece if it weren’t so completely Impressionistic to me, and I’m like the only person in the history of the universe who really dislikes Monet and the Impressionists.


Yes, I am that person.  *hangs head in not-shame*