my tiny child, or why i’m not a meta con this weekend: a saga

so, the last couple of cons have been a bust: coulee con because both gnome and i were ill with food poisoning or a stomach bug or something *blech*-inducing, and meta con because our tiny child ariel needs to go to the vet

which doesn’t have an opening until tuesday, which theoretically should have meant that we went to meta con because vet, however, we don’t want to leave ariel unattended when she’s not well

(it’s nothing horrible–we hope–we think she just has earmits somehow, but she’s itched her ear bloody, and that is a CONCERN)

(i would appreciate it if the universe would let up a little on me and my students because we’re all having THINGS collectively: illness, ariel, the saga of the couch that came without the actual couch, early births, book theft, me being unclear about things–so. much. THING.)

so, if you were excited about seeing tentacle-made studios at meta con this weekend, know that i wish i were there too, but my precious darling is a priority

seriously, look at that darling face–how can i not stay home and make sure that the tiny child is okay?

thank you all for understanding


pop culture con: tomorrow & sunday

so, i have been largely absent from my blog since nerdcon.  just–the state of the world has me down, and i’ve been wrapped up in my nanowrimo novel:  tales from the glittering venery.

i’ve been posting excerpts to my imzy if y’all are interested in reading any of it.

but!  that’s not actually why i’m here today.  i’m here–bugging y’all during the capitalist height of the year–to tell y’all that i’m actually at a con this weekend!  (like, i’m literally on the road now.)  i’m at pop culture con in st. charles.  it’s a nes con, but i think it might be fun.
svengoolie’s gonna be there, so it’s got potential?

see y’all this weekend.


miles of art and other suspects

miles of art is, like, tomorrow, so yeah, i’m going to be at woodland studios all weekend with my art (and woodbody’s and ben’s), but if you’d like a preview (or if you can’t go), ben created one of those 360 not-video things of the exhibit.

it’s pretty swank.

and, on to other things!  including brown county library’s comic con.

*tra lala la la*

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it’s time for another gallery nite (with a side of st. norbert’s art and craft show)

it is.  it’s totally that time for gallery nite, and as usual, i’m going to be at the ARTgarage from 5-9pm, and then–because my life is all sorts of exciting–i’m going to be at st. norbert’s art and craft show on saturday from 10am-5pm.

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lion con’s this weekend (also the tale of the absent squid)

first thing the first:  LION CON’S THIS WEEKEND!!!

so, if you’re in the st. cloud area (or st. could adjacent), y’all should come by this new con and visit me (and the con because the con would be the thing that you came for, i’d just be incidental awesomeness).  *tra lala la la*

also, the tale of the absent squid from wizard world chicago (re:  rosemont):  the engine in my vehicle kinda–well–died.

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