Tonight is Gallery Nite!

All you lucky, lucky people.  Gallery Nite!  Snacks and booze and trolleys taking y’all to the different Green Bay galleries and little artists like me demo-ing for your perusal.

A magical, magical time.

Okay, maybe not magical, but who can argue with the combination of art and booze?

So, come on by and see me.  I’ll be at the ARTgarage demo-ing spinning, yo.  The ARTgarage is having an Artists’ Market, like a mini-Crafting Cartel, and I’ll have books and roving and my drop-spindle, and a theoretically cheery disposition. <–Today’s already been irritating and it’s not even noon.


Ahem.  Where were we?  Oh, right, Gallery Nite.  It’s from 5-8 this evening.  Start at any gallery you chose and hop the trolley to the next.

It’s like a pub crawl but with art!  <–It’s like the least expensive, most interesting date that y’all could ever hope for.

And, while I’m here shilling for The Art Man, have I mentioned I have an opening for a group show coming up?  I have?  It bears repeating, don’t ya think?

It’s vera, vera exciting.

Courage and ART FOR ALL!