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So, I’ve kinda started a new project that currently has no name–well, I’m kinda referring to it as Project Transparency, but that seems kinda pretentious–and it’s a vlogging project so–yay?

I made the first entry today:

And–I ended up with me saying something ableist, and I’m sorry.  I’m working to eradicate that sort of oppressive language (that totally encourages my own internalized ableism towards myself) from my usage.  I messed up; I’m still working on it.

I was really trying to wait to start this project until I had a better video camera but who knows when that will be,  so instead, I decided to just jump in with all tentacles.

But, yeah, the idea is to make the art-making process transparent for non-artists.  Maybe even do some more of the stand-and-stir arting (with a fuckton more editing because, omg, those were awkward) or process vids.

Are there things that y’all would like to see done?

I mean, I’ve been doing some digital painting and procreate has this neat function where you can export the history of your piece as a video.  Here’s a playlist of them thus far.

They’re kinda neat to watch.

(NB:  Gnome and ‘Lain are discussing putting my time-lapse art vids to music.  That’s exciting.)

(By-the-by, I’m still trying to be brave enough to put commission prices up other than in that one post I did–what can I say, I’m kinda scared.  Is there interest?  Because, if there is, I’m likely to be, well, I still be scared like whoa, but at least, I’ll know I’m not annoying anyone with it.)

saint ravenstag
digital painting
‘trie blasingame

So, I’m not going to put a whole lot of  the new sketch-a-days in this post because it’s already getting ridiculously long, but again, if you’d like to see the sketch-a-days in their entirety, either check out my #studiosquid or #sketchaday Tumblr tags (since I’ve kinda been doing Pacific Rim and Hannibal sketches for the last couple of weeks).

Also, it’s really easy to just duck into my sketch-a-day Flickr set.

But, I’ve actually managed to complete a conceptual, mixed media piece so–yay!

gilded hive
found object, aluminum mesh, spray paint
‘trie blasingame

And, on a side note with More Information Forthcoming, I’m going to be participating in Definitely DePere again this year.

(It’s also my birthday today.)


the end of one year; the beginning of another

And, if that isn’t some of the most prosaic wanking I’ve ever written.  Sheesh.

I’m finishing this year with two new (very intense) works from my studio made in just the last month (and maybe a half…I can’t remember when I started the dress uniform, and I’m feeling to lazy to check).

So, here they are (in Instagram snaps because I haven’t processed the actual photos of the dress uniform and the installation can’t really have good pictures of it taken until it’s, ya know, installed):  The Dress Uniform of Leftenant-Colonel Αβιγαιλ Ποδεσ, Order of the Silver Octopus and The Festival of Lights in the Church of Architeuthis in the Aspects of The Moon, The Deep, and The Devourer.












A reminder that, in the New Year, y’all will be able to see these pieces–up close and in person–at the ARTgarage in Green Bay.

We’re installing the show on Thursday, and the Opening for The Steampunk Extravaganza is January 9th from 5-8 PM.

I’m putting together a steampunk playlist and everything (like I don’t already have 7 just sitting around on my iPod *whistles*).


We’ve all (nearly) survived 2013!



It’s Installation Day! The happiest of all days. *\o/*

Okay, maybe not with the snowpocalypse part 54864115564 having happened yesterday/early this morning or the Epic Ear Infection to End All Ear Infections.

…how did my brother survive into adulthood getting these things as often as he did as a kid?

But, yeah, Installation Day!  There should be balloons and confetti and the Stark Dancers reenacting scenes from Moulin Rouge in the background.  Or, at least, a really massive chai.

I’m not picky.

For those of you who maybe aren’t as caught up on my shenanigans as others, today I’m installing (after a brief delay that involved some confusion about the space between the Northcoast Gallery and the building it’s housed in) a large chunk of my spindle’s work, Zellandine’s denouement series.  So, scads of excitement.

I’ve also got the Heart Meets Heart Gala tonight, installation of my piece for NWTC’s ArtWalk tomorrow, and ArtWalk, the Artisan Market at ArtWalk, and a spinning class on Saturday.

Can we say “epic people hangover?”  I know you can!

Again, made all the better by the Epic Ear Infections.

My life.

And, in other somewhat related news, I finished this huge piece that I’d been working on.  Here it is:

spindle’s work, Zellandine’s denouement: Year of the Snake
fiber, fabric, copper wire, jewelry wire, nylon cord, plastic-coated electronics wire, handspun yarn, commercial yarn, spray paint, dryer tubing
Katrina (‘Trie) Blasingame

He’s kinda hugely huge, right?  And he expands into space and had several ways to be installed.  I’m so proud.

Okay, I should go do things like get the last of my stuff ready so that I can go install today.