my middle name is procrastination–or was it OCD-tendencies?

So, due to interweb outages were I live, I wasn’t able to really do the post on Tuesday.  Instead, I posted from my cell with promises, promises, promises.


Here were those promises:  the Iola car show (with pictures), Heather Peterson’s Peterman’s bags, teaching at the Art Garage (I know, wtf), and a couple of questions about how artists achieve success.


So, the Iola Car Show.  What does the Iola Car Show have to do with art exactly?  Aside from hosting a car-themed art show, there’s also the matter that cars, in and of themselves, are art.  They are designed for aesthetics as well as function (which is something that I’m always interested in–where form and function meet).  They are a part of our visual culture (have been for quite a long time) and show up from decorations to video games to the drive-way.  They become iconic in visual culture such as the Impala in Supernatural and the Bluesmobile in The Blues Brothers.  Some cars are  so iconic that people even reproduce them for events like the Iola Car Show.


blues brothers

The Bluesmobile.  Just hanging, ya know?

Other pretties that I saw.  Not all of them, mind cause that would be insane.

herbie the love bug

Herbie the Love Bug!  It actually spit water.


Just pretty.

row of cars

This is what I meant about showing all the cars would be insane.  This is a very, very small part of the show.

the car that beats up all the other cars

I <3 this car.  It’s the car that beats up all other cars.

steampunk buick

This car is specifically for the lovely Miss ‘Lain.  It’s so steampunk–if we dumped a steam engine in it or somethings.

sheppard truck farm in iowa

In my  head, this is John Sheppard’s truck in sheafrotherdon‘s A Farm in Iowa series.

funnel cakes and cheese curds

Oh, Wisconsin!  What a magical wonderland where you can get funnel cakes and fried cheese curds within 50 feet of each other!

choose cheese

I want this sign.

demand butter

I also want this sign.

So, this was my Saturday at the Iola Car Show.  It was huge and too warm and kinda awesome.

Second on my crazy, crazy list of promises for this post is the wonderful work of Heather Peterman.  She makes these fantastic bags that originate with paintings that she scans and uploads onto Spoonflower and then orders fabric in order to make bags and pillows and other fabric-y awesomeness.  She sells them at like 7 different places in Green Bay including the Art Garage and at the Wednesday Farmers Market on Broadway.

bird bag


This is, currently, my favorite bag.  The image, unfortunately, is completely craptastic because it was one of those kinda of days.  The thing has like 8 different pockets!


seen about

When I was at the grocer, I saw this lady that had a Heather Peterman bag too!  We are everywhere!

I foresee more of these bags and things in my future.

And, I think I might keep the “teaching at the Art Garage (I know, wtf), and a couple of questions about how artists achieve success” until next week because this post is getting waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of hand.