not-really-instructional videos

So, IDEK.  I’ve been making not-instructional videos because–seriously–unless I’m classrooming it, y’all probably don’t want to listen to me gas-on about this stuff.  There are way better Youtubers than I if you want to know how to do this stuff.

But.  If y’all really want, I can make these more serious and more instructional.  Y’all’s choice.

These started because a couple of my Tumblr-friends asked “how do you even circle loom,” and I thought the best way was to show them.

Today, though, I decided to do a little beating on metal and playing with fire vid instead.

It’s kinda long and probably boring and y’all probably really don’t want to look at me, but yeah, here it is in all of it’s crazy splendor.

In case y’all wanted to see the vid that started this all off, here it is: