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*tra lala la la*

so–the first depere art walk is coming up in a week, but because xo fitness is kinda awesome, my work is going to be there for the next week–like a pop-up show–starting tomorrow afternoon.

also, i finally sorted out my storenvy and etsy so that there are actual things in them, and my spoonflower has fabric, et al. in it now too.

as always, my redbubble exists.



the end of the art walk season and the possibility of nerdcon: stories

(re:  here is a more thorough presentation of information, likes, and reasonings because there is no such thing as overkill, there’s just enough kill.)

before i forget, there’s a meet the artist at the ARTgarage on thursday, august 20th from 5-8pm.  so, come a meet some artists?

so, as per usual, the definitely depere art walk ended not with a bang but with a wimper.

okay, there was some bang because storm but yeah.

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tentacle-made studios at La Vie Boheme tomorrow for Definitely DePere (5-8pm)

so–that’s unambiguous, right?

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sooooo, in case anyone missed it, i have new work up at Glas here in Shawano, which is very exciting.

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and, yeah, i realize that the first post i’ve done in forever being at almost 3(-ish)am my time is peculiar, but insomnia and depression do strange things to your brain.  *hands*

this post comes in five parts.

first part the first:  definitely depere starts this week, and I have been remiss in saying anything about it.

(my brain is/has been an unhappy, tumultuous place, and for some reason, art-related anything has been difficult for me to talk about?  idek.)

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re: the pop! show, studio spaces, and residencies

so–i may have, on the downlow, made a vidlet of the opening for those of you who couldn’t be there.

and, because, i just didn’t manage to do much liveblogging of the event because–omg–i had managed to block out what openings (even tiny openings like this one) are like–especially when you’re much smaller than everyone else around you.

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Definitely DePere is Today!

Information about Definitely DePere and Gallery Nite  in the video because VIDEO!

While The Community Calendar is still relevant.


So, I’m premiering some new swag today including my new Avengers set:  The Hawkeyes (with an emphasis more on Kate Bishop), Black Widow, pop art!Captain America, pop art!Winter Soldier, and Kelly Sue DeConnick’s re-envisioning of Captain Marvel.


The first iteration of my Paper Towns project (inspired by John Green’s novel Paper Towns), which is buttons, but there’s an interactive installation in the future of this project.

I’ll also be premiering new minicards (not shown because I was spamming everyone yesterday, and I was starting to feel back about it not really), and the first pieces of a project I’m calling (working title) Midas’ Touch.

I didn’t take pictures of these either.  Look for pictures of them later or in next week’s video.  It’s not going to be a small series and will likely get out of hand like everything I do.

It’s all about abjectness, the auratic, and the copy.  So, my projecTransparency video (above) is kinda acting as the beginnings of its thought process.  *hands*

There’s also going to be new prints because PRINTS (and there was a printing sale over Memorial Day).

And, we can’t forget my TOTALLY AMAZING SIGN (even if this is a craptastic picture).

Okay, y’all, I gotta go finish doing some things because I AM ADULT-DEFICIENT and the weather was messing up my ability to print yesterday.

And, don’t forget that I have a Redbubble store that has amazing things that you can get for yourselves.


…I really need to stop slacking on my Etsy.  What would y’all like to see in my Etsy?  Tell me in comments.  Or retweets.  Or messages.  WHICHEVER SOCIAL MEDIA YOU CHOSE.  I’m pretty much everywhere.


spindle’s work, Zellandine’s denouement: work by Katrina (‘Trie) Blasingame


It’s, like, my first real solo show.  Of my series spindle’s work, Zellandine’s denouement.


…should I be being this enthusiastic and spazzy in a public forum?  IDK.

Okay, so yeah, that’s kinda where I’ve been:  having meetings with the Andrew Linskins, the gallery manager for NorthCoast Gallery (which is part of NorthCoast Productions) and printing cards and working on more pieces and thinking about installation and trying to not freak out every other minute.

So, a full week.

They’re not the best cards ever, but I tried. <–An artist friend of mine thought they were very nice.  I’m just happy I could afford to print them.

‘Cause, they look like this in reality:


*kinda sulks inappropriately*

I am, however, attempting to finish this monumental (for me at any rate) piece so that I can hand it in the front hall of the building that NorthCoast is in.


…see, and this is why I hadn’t been posting this week:  I’m kinda  wreck and leaking emotions everywhere.

Pieces!  I finished a four-part piece yesterday.

spindle’s work, Zellandine’s denouement: hyper-(para)-text (tentacle porn)
canvas, spray paint, handspun yarn, copper wire, glass
Katrina (‘Trie) Blasingame
spindle’s work, Zellandine’s denouement: hyper-(para)-text (steampunk)
canvas, spray paint, handspun yarn, copper wire, key
Katrina (‘Trie) Blasingame
spindle’s work, Zellandine’s denouement: hyper-(para)-text (UNF)
canvas, spray paint, handspun yarn, copper wire, typerwritter keys
Katrina (‘Trie) Blasingame
spindle’s work, Zellandine’s denouement: hyper-(para)-text (OMFG)
canvas, spray paint, handspun yarn, copper wire, typerwritter keys
Katrina (‘Trie) Blasingame

And, they are supposed to go together like this:

spindle’s work, Zellandine’s denouement: hyper-(para)-text I-IV
Katrina (‘Trie) Blasingame

This piece is really inspired by spending way to much time on Tumblr.  I’m not even kidding.

And, there are classes!  Ya know, if y’all would like to take classes.  With me.  At the ARTgarage.  <–I’m totally going to have to create a sidebar with all of the classes.  It’ll be less nutty.  Right?  Right.

Okay.  That’s it.  That’s the post.

What do y’all think?  Of the show?  Of the work?  Y’all have been so quiet lately.


Mike Kelley *SAD*

Did y’all know that Mike Kelley committed suicide died last month?

My heart hurts; I loved his work so. <–When I guest lecture for The Husband’s Humanities classes, I always include a few pieces by Mike Kelley because his work is so fun and accessible and really makes you think at the same time.

borrowed from Philosophy of Science's post about Mike Kelley's life and death

I know that it’s silly for me to be all grieve-y about Kelley’s death, but it’s like when Baudrillard died:  my little heart just stopped.  Sometimes, for me, those by whom I’m influenced or with whom I’ve developed a relation to their work—it’s like losing Family:  the Family of the Mind and the Interior Space.

I’m going to go be sad in my corner for awhile.


I’ve been being productive, all the live-long day.

And the dwarfs have been sent off to work.


*is all Gilmore-Girl-y with my references*


This is a very studio-heavy post ’cause I’ve been being all studio-productive-y this year! *\o/*


Part of that productivity has been playing with dye. I’m calling it Experiments in Dye Land.


Since I learned to spin in 2011 (Thanks, Miss Hel!), I am now trying my tentacles at acid dyeing wool.  <–I'm experimenting with some wool that I purchased at the Farmer's Market this summer from the Embarrass Carding Mill.


Yes, there is a town not-too far from me called Embarrass, pronounced like “I’m embarrassed by.” <–I'm not kidding.  Embarrass.  Really.




So, acid dyeing protein fibers actually requires that the fiber and the dye be simmered for a bit of time in a set-up that I don't have (and don't have the money to supply), and I don't have a canning rig (yet!) to borrow from, so I kinda–improvised–it.  <–From instructions similar to these instructions from Dharma Trading Company.




These are the results:


acid dyed (with procion dye) wool 1


From left to right: Jet Black (which totally didn’t come out black; it came out grey and acid green, which is rather shiny), Black Cherry, and Turquoise.


acid dyed (with procion dye) wool 2


From left to right: Turquoise (second hank of it), China Red, and Deep Orange.


I think that, for my first try, it didn’t came out too badly.


And, since I had the dyeing stuff out, I thought that I’d dye a bunch of white t-shirts that I had siting about.


kelly green, teal, and turquoise procion dye crossed grid


kelly green, teal, and turquoise procion dye burst


Both of these shirts were dyed with a mixture of Kelly Green, Teal, and Turquoise.


turquoise and jet black procion dye


turquoise procion dye in a grid pattern


The shirt on the top is Jet Black and Turquoise; on the bottom, Turquoise.


china red procion dye burst


china red procion dye fragments


Both of these are dyed with China Red.


burgundy & deep orange procion dye in a burst


This one is dyed with Burgundy and Deep Orange.


Of course, I managed to injure myself while tyeing-up the shirts.


*eyeroll heard ’round the world*


What can I say? I’m accident prone.


*trips over a piece of paper*


…I’m okay.


*tra lala la la*


I’m currently wearing the Jet Black/Turquoise shirt. *twiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrls*


I’ve also been working on a corollary series to my unnamed friends series; it’s currently untitled, but I’ve been referring to it as echo-spectre.


The key words/conceptual framework behind them is sorta looking like this: homonculus, daguerreotype, shimmer, echo, Book of Pressed Fairies, Platonic Ideal, shuggoths, Lovecraft, graffiti, Andy Warhol, pop art, unnamed friends, taxonomy, doodle, butterfly, and organic.


singular echo of fungoid owlet


owlets in the mist


echo-spectre set


echo-spectre bird-blobs


echo-spectre algae primate


I also have a critter–unnamed friends: pop-tart Monday.


unnamed friends:  pop-tart monday


So, yeah, except for the two echo-spectre-owlet panels, all of this has been completed in 2012.


*is an awesome squid of awesomeness*


I’m going to posting my class schedule at the ARTgarage soon, though I’m teaching a Bookmaking class and a Storybead class this Saturday if y’all need something to do and are in the area.


*bounces off to clean the studio and do more work*