studio update

I’ve been being kinda cagey about what’s been going on in the studio, and I haven’t meant to be.  Just too much crazy lately to be chatty. <–Okay, I’ve been chatty, but it’s also been coming out as chatty spaz.


And, more often than not, half in squid.



Yeah, I have my own language.


So, studio.  I recently took a class with the amazing Ahliah Zia Shashonah, and between her and Miss ‘Lain, my sewing machine phobia is well on it’s way to abatement.  \o/  Do y’all know how long it takes to hand-sew my unnamed friends?  This is going to be so, so, so helpful.


…okay, the scrump are still going to have to be hand-sewn because that’s part of their concept/process, but everything else is going to be sewn with the sewing machine!  *bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha*



For mine is an evil laugh.





I’ve also been learning to spin my own yarn.


roving=my new crack


Well, roving and Tazo Passion tea (hibiscus/blood orange tea).  *whistles*


So, because my friend Hel is awesome-upon-awesome and made me drop spindle, gave me roving, taught me to spin, and generally makes certain I get to the Shawano Weavers’ Guild meeting (’cause I still don’t know the area very well yet), she gets an unnamed friends plushie.  The first machine sewn one, in fact–unnamed friends:  fungoid owlet.


unnamed friends:  fungoid owlet


Additionally, an admirer of my work asked me why I just don’t sign my pieces with a tree since most people call me ‘Trie.  I, after some thinking about, really like the idea.  Plus, my last name?  Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to fraking long for a play.  <–a little paraphrase Love’s Labors Lost for y’all. *is a recovering Shakespeare-dork*




…it even sorta looks like my initials.


I also sold a couple of piece on Saturday.  Nothing big and expensive, but enough to pay my studio rent at the ARTgarage with enough left over for a cuppa chai or Passion tea.


That reminds me.  My art and I are going to be at IQ’s Fall Art Reception on October 8th from 3-8 pm.  Heather Peterman invited me to participate, and I can’t tell Heather no; she’s too awesome.


So come, drink, and buy art!


Here’s my Calendar of Up Coming Appearances and Teaching (I need to figure out how to insert a permanent Google calendar into the blog, I think):


Story Beads:  Beading to Heal–September 30th    $30.00

The ARTgarage has a class cooperative with St. Vinny’s, and this class is being offered through that program.  This class is also totally based upon one that I took with Lisa Kay a couple of years ago.  She’s totally as awesome as you’d think she’d be winning a Fulbright.  Share the love!


“Visualizing Your Hopes and Dreams”:  An Art Night for Freedom House–October 3rd, 6-8 pm

It’s basically an art class being taught for the families that Freedom House helps out.


IQ’s Fall Art Reception–October 8th

3-8 pm at IQ’s Bar 2105 University Ave., Green Bay


4th Quarter Artists Opening Reception AND the first Artists’ Demo-ing Night (hip name yet to be chosen)–October 13th

5-8 pm at the ARTgarage.  The Artists’ Demo-ing Night is something new that we’re trying, so if you’re an artist in the Green Bay area, come to Demo Night!  We all aren’t ARTgarage artists either, and we’re willing to share our windfall awesomeness!


Japanese Stab Binding:  Books to Heal–October 14th    $30.00

Also, a St. Vinny’s class.


Artist Books:  A Bookmaking Workshop–November 11th-12th    $150.00

Bookmaking techniques and artist books! \o/


Artists’ Demo-ing Night–November 17th

Same sitch (yes, I did use “sitch”) as the other one.


Artist Dolls–November 18th-19th    $150.00

Really, this is ‘Lain’s gig; I’m just co-teaching.


Black Friday Mixed Media for Kids Class–November 25th

Co-taught with the fabulous Miss Carrie.  Bring your kids to be babysat to learn about and make mixed media art while you get some peace and quiet some Yule/Christmas/Kwanzaa/Hanukkah/Saturnalia/insert-your-holy-day-here shopping done.


Artists’ Demo-ing Night (I really hope we come up with a better title soon.)–Decemeber 15th, 5-8 pm

This Demo Night happens during the ARTgarage’s annual Holiday Sale/Show, so it’s a double header.


Miss ‘Lain is also teaching a couple of other classes that I’m kinda helping out with (Mostly so that I can take the class without paying for it!  Don’t tell!).


Circuit Bending 101–October 28th    $60.00


Puppetry–December 2nd and 9th    $150


So, I think that y’all are caught up…oh, wait.  There’s some more.


The last bits and bobs that haven’t been said in the update:

  • I have a ton of new unnamed friends that y’all can see on my Flickr.
  • I haven’t heard anything from my interview yet, so we’re all just going to have to hold our collective britches and wait.
  • I haven’t taken new pictures of the studio yet because it’s still a wreck, just a more organized wreck.
  • The preliminary returns are back on the Marathon for Literature, and it looks like the ARTgarage made over $2000 dollars for the ARTgarage and over $1000 for Literacy Green Bay. \o/


Okay, now I think that’s everything.  It’s been busy, yeah?