too much to ‘splain; let me sum up

*points*  An obligatory Princess Bride reference for y’all.


So, this last week has been crazily, fantastically busy; hence why I am currently at home typing this into the blog-o-sphere at my little shadow-darkened desk (have I mentioned that it’s raining like the world’s ending?  with lightening and thunder and dark, dark skies?  the cats are totally in hiding, and I’m worrying about the nascent garden).


The good thing about being at home?  Chai, no-shoes, and fuzzy kitties when they come out from beneath the furniture.


But, I digress (as I often do).  Last week.  Yeah.  Too much going on, particularly on Saturday.


There was working in my studio at the Art Garage.  There was Gallery Night replete with insta-book demos for one and all (which went over really, really well and was like magic for people that tried it).  And, Saturday–oh, Saturday!–there was the Shawano Farmers’ Market (we also had the Rhubarb Festival and the Jumpin’ June Jamboree and Car Show, but I didn’t get to those), Faerie Fest at Thistledown Greenhouse outside of Bonduel, and a fundraiser for the Art Garage at the Green Bay Barnes and Noble.


While I got a ton accomplished in my tAG studio, that really wasn’t the highlight of the week, so I’ll spare y’all pictures of the last-week’s progress until next week’s post.  The highlight wasn’t even Gallery Night–although it was awesome, there were tons of people, and people were really digging my work in addition to the demo and book forms I brought with me.  The highlight was Faerie Fest, all of the lovely faerie folk, and the lovely vendors (about half of which were part of Kara Counard‘s 101 Women Project that is on display at the Art Garage until the end of June).


Faerie Fest took place at the Thistledown Greenhouse (which is moving to California?!? *turbo-pouts*).  So, yeah, there’s totally a greenhouse there, but what really caught my attention was their beautiful old Victorian house (there are a lot of old Victorians up here for some reason).


It’s like the Wisconsin-version of the house from Practical Magic without the tower.


They also have a bunch of feathered friends patrolling the grounds.



There was also a peacock, but I didn’t manage to get a picture of him.


So, there were a bunch of different vendors, but I’m going to, as usual, tell you about my favorites–’cause I can!  bwahahahahaha


There was Aurora’s Apothecary, Herb Shop, and Apothecary Museum (go like it on Facebook!) run by the lovely Miss Melissa.  Her shop is located in Greenleaf (Morrison), WI.  She carries culinary herbs and other kitchen ephemera, teas, make-your-own potpourri, home and garden decor, plants and seeds for gardening, body and health products, and fairy and magical accoutrement as well as housing an apothecary museum and teaching classes.



This is Melissa and her lovely gentleman friend surrounded by her amazing products (I like that she reads as an urban faerie due to the raver-esque hairfalls, and he’s steampunk-ish; they’re so cute!).  In addition to Melissa and friend being beautifully costumed (unlike me in my Dr. Seuss shirt),  she totally has a gardening gift in addition to the herbalism knowledge; I could smell her catnip from 8 feet away.  Totally, amazingly potent.


I bought a bottle of her Relief for Sore Muscles and Joints (which, anyone who knows me in RL knows that I’m pretty much in constant pain, so this product is a potential life-saver).



It contains essential oils of wintergreen, blackpepper, rosemary, juniper, fir, ginger, lavender, nutmeg, cajeput, clove, eucalyptus, cinnamon, lemon, safflower, aloe, apricot, almond, jojoba, VE, evening primrose, rosehip, and neem. All suspended in an amazingly light massage oil base (I have yet to feel like a ancient Greek wrestler after any application).


Okay, honestly, I hate wintergreen with a passion.  I used to have this really good muscle/joint stuff that I could never use because the smell of wintergreen made me crazy, made my head hurt, and made me sick to my stomach.  Sooooooo not fun.  But Aurora’s Apothecary?  The wintergreen isn’t noticeable and nothing in here is making my allergies act up–which is a miracle on the order of loaves and fishes cause there’s at least three things in there with which I habitually have problems.  Nothing.  Nada.  \o/


Mostly, I’m smelling the primrose and the lavender, which I’m liking.  Your mileage may vary.


Okay, personal testimonial time.


It’s totally not a cure-all, but it is definitely helping me out.  Hot shower (okay, I par-boil myself), application of Relief, ‘jamies, and snuggly blankets.  I might not be right as rain (which, what is so right about rain anyway?), but the muscles feel a bit looser, I’m sleeping a bit better, and my mental-state is a bit less “suck the world into a hell dimension.”  <–I’m reading Buffy fic again.  Can you tell?


I think that’s the most I can ask of anything as far as pain-management goes, so yeah, make a sojourn to Aurora’s Apothecary (or any of the many events that she frequents like the Door County Renaissance Fantasy Faire or the Green Bay Farmers’ Market on Broadway).


Then, there was book bones (Etsy shop) whose motto is “new life for old books” and describes her work as



My handmade jewelry and accessories are all made using old books in some form or another. No worries, though, most of the books are library discards. This means they could no longer be used due to the condition of the pages or outdated content. It warms my heart to take an unwanted book and turn it in to something beautiful and fun. I hope you enjoy them!


And she is totally not kidding.  She makes handbags out of book covers and jewelry out of altered pages.  They’re very altered book mets haute couture all out of upcycled materials.  Who could ask for more?  This is the piece that I bought (re:  Husband bought) on Saturday.  I made a specific beaded chain for it so that it wasn’t just on the temporary black cord.  I think they go well together.



There was also Sage Hollow (Facebook page), which is located in Denmark, WI.  <–They have a blog over——->here!


Aren’t they lovely faeries?


I bought some tea for my Wisconsin-edition Mother-In-Law (again, Husband bought) and tried to not sniff their wears too pornographically.  I sense a road trip in my future very, very soon.


The last of the vendors that I want to talk about is Gracie Designs.



Kelley of Gracie Designs make beautifully cute, hip accessories (that I totally want a bunch of, but I, since I am totally kept at the moment, I didn’t have any money).  She has an Etsy and a Facebook, so buy and like as appropriate!


She also frequents the Farmers Market on Broadway, so y’all can see her and Aurora’s Apothecary at the Market 3-8 on Wednesdays through the summer!


In addition to all of the fantastic vendors, there were so many wonderfully dressed faeries that I took kinda sneaky-shots from a distance so that people couldn’t be recognized since I hadn’t asked first.



This was the Cernnunos/Green Man of the day.  I got a little obsessed with this one, but I think that had more to do with me creating my own version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in my head.



In my head, these two became Oberon and Titania, which on the Shakespearean stage were played by the same actors that played Theseus and Hippolyta so that they were shadow-selves of the King and Queen of Athens.  *is a total Shakespeare geek*



And, for me, this was Oberon speaking with Puck (aka Robin Goodfellow).


After all of the fun at the Faerie Fest, I went to a fundraiser at Barnes and Noble for the Art Garage, and I signed up for a reading-slot for their Marathon for Literacy in September (as did Husband–he’s going to read something by Lovecraft, and I’m going to read “The Thing in the Forest”  from The Little Black Book of Stories by A.S. Byatt).



Okay, so this has become the longest, most picture-heavy post in the history of the universe, and I’m going to go now.