playing catch-up

Which totally seems my default setting of late.

But!  In my defense, I’ve been learning a bunch of new technology and becoming fluent (or, at least, more frequent) in several nerd-verses that I was only casually familiar with before.

And, I’ve taken on 3/4 of the social media for The Rainbow Hub, so that took up a little time since Google+ doesn’t have a scheduling feature.

Seriously, WTAF, Google?  Put in a freakin’ scheduling feature.  It’s, like, basic.

(I have found several options to ensure that I don’t have to babysit The Hub’s Google+ page, which is woefully underpopulated, and if you Google+, you should follow.)


But, I’m okay with that.

I have also–in case y’all have missed my freaking out on other social media platforms (of which there are many)–applied for Dashcon.

But, let last week’s projecTransparency tell you more about that (and semiotics because MOTHERFUCKING SEMIOTICS):

My darling Susi approved of it, and there are few people more difficult to please academically than Susi.

But, yeah, Dashcon.

I know that I applied late, and I probably won’t be accepted because of it, but–OMG–I APPLIED FOR THE ARTIST ALLEY AT A DASHCON.

I feel like every moment not spent doing things for The Hub must-needs be spent doing–something.



So–I may still be having a meltdown over the hypothetical.  *hands*

I have, due to really good sales going on, ordered more prints and a freakin’ banner.

That’s right.  A banner.


The prints are a little less pop-y and a little more abstract, so we’ll see how that goes.  A PREVIEW!







So–wide variety is wide.

And, I know some people were waiting for that flying fox, so there y’all go.


(Seriously, I think I might have, like, 90% of this part of my artistic life sorted out.  I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO DO, YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND.)

I’m also going to start migrating my projecTransparency videos and my stand-and-stir arting videos (with additional cross-posting!) to their relative Youtube channels here soon.  (I finally figured out how to add channels completely by chance.  I suck so hard.)

Last weird bit of tentacle-made studios news.  I know that there are some people who are wanting me to make a book out of my sketch-a-day series, and I’m thinking about Kickstarter-ing a book(let) fund.  So, that’s something to be looking for in the near future.



stuff and things

So, I’ve kinda started a new project that currently has no name–well, I’m kinda referring to it as Project Transparency, but that seems kinda pretentious–and it’s a vlogging project so–yay?

I made the first entry today:

And–I ended up with me saying something ableist, and I’m sorry.  I’m working to eradicate that sort of oppressive language (that totally encourages my own internalized ableism towards myself) from my usage.  I messed up; I’m still working on it.

I was really trying to wait to start this project until I had a better video camera but who knows when that will be,  so instead, I decided to just jump in with all tentacles.

But, yeah, the idea is to make the art-making process transparent for non-artists.  Maybe even do some more of the stand-and-stir arting (with a fuckton more editing because, omg, those were awkward) or process vids.

Are there things that y’all would like to see done?

I mean, I’ve been doing some digital painting and procreate has this neat function where you can export the history of your piece as a video.  Here’s a playlist of them thus far.

They’re kinda neat to watch.

(NB:  Gnome and ‘Lain are discussing putting my time-lapse art vids to music.  That’s exciting.)

(By-the-by, I’m still trying to be brave enough to put commission prices up other than in that one post I did–what can I say, I’m kinda scared.  Is there interest?  Because, if there is, I’m likely to be, well, I still be scared like whoa, but at least, I’ll know I’m not annoying anyone with it.)

saint ravenstag
digital painting
‘trie blasingame

So, I’m not going to put a whole lot of  the new sketch-a-days in this post because it’s already getting ridiculously long, but again, if you’d like to see the sketch-a-days in their entirety, either check out my #studiosquid or #sketchaday Tumblr tags (since I’ve kinda been doing Pacific Rim and Hannibal sketches for the last couple of weeks).

Also, it’s really easy to just duck into my sketch-a-day Flickr set.

But, I’ve actually managed to complete a conceptual, mixed media piece so–yay!

gilded hive
found object, aluminum mesh, spray paint
‘trie blasingame

And, on a side note with More Information Forthcoming, I’m going to be participating in Definitely DePere again this year.

(It’s also my birthday today.)



So, I kinda missed last week because I was up to my ears in all this word for the as-yet-unnamed Fiber Arts Group that I have, somehow, become involved in.

…I’m not sure why I decided to do this.  It seemed like a good idea at the time–and now?  *thppppt*

Alas, alack.  One day, I shall learn better.

And, this week, I have a book demo (for the same group) tomorrow (the normal blog day–for certain values of “normal”), a drawing class, and Definitely DePere.

I’ve also got to sneak off and watch Man of Steel at some point too. <–Still got the freelance gig with The Rainbow Hub should y’all chose to read my work.

This week on the menu?

  • The Internship, or this is me writing with my angry foot;
  • and BAMF Women Superheroes:  The Life and Times of Wonder Woman, or me being an angry feminist.

Good times.

So, yeah.

Therefore, this post is kinda catching both things up, yeah?

Oh, and Definitely DePere.  Y’all should come.  I’m going to be in the Lee Building which is where hey daisy is:  see, I’m a map.

And, guess what?  I now can take cards, so if anyone wants to buy art, I can take the payment.

Can I tell you how excited I am?  Like, I got a new phone and everything just so that I could take electronic payments.

*is so proud of self*

Soooooooooooooooooooo, I am owing bloo another book-binding type, so here it is:

…please ignore that this was shot in profile.  The assistant has already been beaten.

I also wanted to kinda talk about physical contextualization and how it can change the aesthetics of an art piece.

Y’all probably remember the moss from Allerleirauh’s tree that I sold back in March.  It looks something like this:


Y’all also might remember that it kinda changes appearance depending upon it’s context (and how I hang it that day:


Well, I have just recently managed to get the moss from Allerleirauh’s tree shadow-boxed for the people who bought it.  They wanted it shadow-boxed because of where they live:  an old farmhouse in The Back of Beyond that has all sorts of insect possibilities that aren’t always caught immediately (because that’s just how things go sometimes–especially in the summer in Wisconsin), so I agreed to it because they’re trying to do the best they can to keep the piece safe.

And, there’s always the possibility that they don’t understand that all art–and especially the art I tend to make–has a short lifespan.

It’s just the nature of the beast unless it digital art and even then–

So, yeah, here’s the piece shadow-boxed:


So, yeah, there’s a big change in the aesthetic, yeah?

What do y’all thing about the change?  How would you characterize it?  What happened to the vitality?  Is it still there, or has it been mitigated somehow?

I’m going to keep my thoughts to myself for now; y’all tell me what your thoughts are.