the new year

despite being told over and over that the beginning of the year is somehow this immense, new time of possibility, i can’t help but remember that our western new year is an arbitrary designation of “new” and “start” and “beginning”.

we begin when we begin, and having this imposed designation, i often think, just harms us more than it helps.

but, as with most things, your mileage may vary.

that all being said, there is a certain energy that permeates the west at the new year that does propel us all forward–whether we ascribe to the imposed “new” or not.

which is a weird, random way of saying that these were my projects from last year, and these are my projects for this year.

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rejected by a toaster, the highlight of my day

So, today’s going to be a little—perfunctory.  <–I’m kinda having a bad day with not-good news kinda piling everywhere, so I’m not feeling very chatty.  But!  I want to be with y’all and talk about crazy art-y-ness.


UPDATE:  Evidently, the post wasn’t perfunctory after all.  *hands*


First on today’s menu, the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus.


Awesome and not real.  *SAD*


But, wouldn’t it be nifty if it were real?  I’d totally picket to protect them.


And, in other art related news, I’ve been saving up geektyrant‘s post on Disney princesses reinterpreted as comic book characters created by J. Scott Campbell–especially after my fairytale post a couple of weeks back with the Who Killed Bambi? ‘s post about horrific interpretations of Disney princesses.



Okay, really, they’re more like comic book pin-ups, but they are really well done, even if they are totally objectifying.


And, to be fair, David Kawenas has a deviantArt folder full of scantily clad Disney princes, which is kind of a nice change of pace.


A sample.



Kinda weird, yeah?


*tra lala la-s into a random segue*


So, last week, I was talking about the new-ish take I have going on with my taxonomy series that I’m really just kinda referring to as The Nothing ’cause I’m still trying to sort it out.


The Nothing (10)

I found some more references that these pieces are doing for me.  The first is Digimon Tamers, arguably the best season of Digimon. <–Yes, I am, in fact, a massive dork…and totally sound like Sheldon.  Huh.


The villain in the second half of the season was this thing called the D-Reaper, which isn’t really evil but wiping out everything, so ya know, there’s The Nothing.




Tangentially, someone did an environmental installation based off the D-Reaper.



So, yeah, random.  And geeky.  But also blobular, oozing, Neverending Story destruction.


Additionally, I’m totally having a retroactive reference for The Fades. <–The Fades (i.e., dead people who haven’t ascended to whatever) are trying to be reborn/resurrected, and when they manage it, they go through a process that looks kinda like a metamorphosis of a butterfly–except that it’s more like some sort of transmutation.


And way more disgusting.


The Fades resurrecting is going to bring about the end of everything, so it’s a happy!Nothing again.


And, I’m done.


For now.


Until I have something, ya know, that makes more sense.




Classes at the ARTgarage:



  • Saturday, January 14th: basic beading structures & open studio
  • Saturday, January 21st: fiber incorporation & open studio
  • Saturday, January 28th: pendant structures & open studio
  • Saturday, February 4th: wire work & open studio

When: Saturdays, January 14th-February 4th, 10 am-12 pm

Where: the ARTgarage

Cost: $25 includes use of tools and basic materials (sign-up for 3 classes and take the 4th free!)



  • Saturday, January 14th: Instabooks
  • Saturday, January 21st: Concertina books
  • Saturday, January 28th: Pamphlets
  • Saturday,February 4th: Japanese Stab Binding
  • Saturday, February 11th: Codex books
  • Saturday, February 18th: Tunnel books
  • Saturday, February 25th: Flag books
  • Saturday, March 3rd: Carousel books
  • Saturday, March 10th: Folded structures
  • Saturday, March 17th: Altered books

When: Saturdays, January 14th-March 17th, 1-3 pm

Where: the ARTgarage

Cost: $60 for first session, $40 for each following session



  • Saturday, February 11th: History, equipment, initial pulls
  • Saturday, February 18th: Cotton pull
  • Saturday, February 25th: Abaca/flax pull
  • Saturday, March 3rd: Kozo, dyeing, and forming
  • Saturday, March 10th: Inclusion papers
  • Saturday, March 17th: Pulp-painting and collage pages

When: Saturdays, February 11th-March 17th, 9-12 am

Where: the ARTgarage

Cost: $150 for all six classes


Mixed Media:


Possible projects include 10-layer drawings, altered books, and assemblage and techniques such as photo-transfer.

  • Saturday, March 24th
  • Saturday, March 31st
  • Saturday, April 7th
  • Saturday, April 14th
  • Saturday, April 21st
  • Saturday, April 28th

When: Saturdays, March 24th-April 28th, 10-12 am

Where: the ARTgarage

Cost: $150 for all six classes




Possible projects include mini-installation, guerrilla fiber, fiber art, assemblage, wearable art, and/or environmental art.

  • Saturday, March 24th
  • Saturday, March 31st
  • Saturday, April 7th
  • Saturday, April 14th
  • Saturday, April 21st
  • Saturday, April 28th

When: Saturdays, March 24th-April 28th, 1-3 pm

Where: the ARTgarage

Cost: $150 for all six classes