I am the office weird. /deadpanned

I’m totally kidding.  I’m not the office weird…all the time.

I share the position with five other people–none of which actually work in an office. <–This includes me.

See, the office weird.

*tra la la lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala*

I seriously am just from the Land of Warped today.  True story.

So, point.  Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere point.

I’ve been trying out Springpad for the last week.  Basically, it’s a web-based virtual notebooking app that allows you to create notebooks of information and interconnect them via tags.

Like Evernote, really.

Or any other millions of other apps.

I admit, I’m partial to Evernote because of the offline usage and smartphone apps.  Springpad does have an offline mode (that I haven’t tried yet), but because I have a Blackberry, there isn’t an app, per se; there’s a mobile site.  *hands*  It’s not that big of a deal (I have to do the same issue with Google+, the bastards.).

Springpad’s okay.  In the last week, Springpad has become my online collection app for quixotism and curiosity while Evernote is my go-to for long-term collection and storage.  <–It’s also the program I wrote my NaNoWriMo novel, Hood, in since I could have all the research and reference photos at the ready and cataloged appropriately.  Also, I could work on the novel anywhere I wanted to through the mobile app.

OCD=me.  What can I say?  I’m an organization crazy.

As I use it more, I’ll let y’all know more about using it–or, you could try it yourself.  It’s free after all.

So, for some reason, I almost always have Attack of the Show or X-Play on while I’m sitting here fiddling with the thinky-thoughts.  Today, Craftzine was mentioned on Attack of the Show for a how-to they did on using conductive thread so that you don’t have to take off your gloves to use your touch-screen phones.  Easy version here:  Touch Screen Gloves; more complicated version here:  Knit Conductive Thread Into Your Gloves.

Geeks and crafters/artists are merging into one mega-being:  The Creek.  Or is is The Gafters?  Best of both worlds.

It’s the Age of the Geek. *is totally Hardison from Leverage*

So, questions and oooooOOOOOOOOoooooooo for today:

Enrique Gomez De Molina makes these really interesting chimeric taxidermy sculptures.  He’s being tried for illegal importation of endangered critter bits.  Which, honestly, he should know better than to illegally import anything and using bits of endangered critters is severally hinky, but that’s not even really the point.

Does his artwork constitute animal cruelty?  What do y’all think of his work in general (and conceptual framework)?  What do y’all think of the usage of endangered critter bits?

And, in a less controversial oooOOOoooo, is Whimseybox.  There are Wine/Cheese/Beer/Hooker of the Month sites (Okay, not Hooker of the Month.  That I know of.); here is a Craft Supply of the Month option.  Craftzine did an entire thing on it, and I kinda want a subscription.  *rubs tentacles together all Mr. Burns-esque*

And, since Yule, Saturnalia, Hanukkah, Christmas, Squidmas, and any number of other holiday festivities, how about celebrating with “A Very Zombie Holiday” video from the lovely ladies at Team Unicorn FTW:

I totally realize that I owe y’all fairytale meta, but it’s not happening today.  Holiday zombies and Team Unicorn are kinda over-ruling it today.  Eventually, I swear.

Courage and Happy Holidays.

belated taxidermy day to y’all

Okay, not really a national holiday or anything, but maybe it should be?  Celebrate the preservation of dead animals in life-like poses!


…maybe not. <–Not all my ideas are brilliant.


So, taxidermy.  I love me some taxidermy in that art-meets-craft-meets-cracked-out-awesome sorta way.  And, a while back, I did a drive-by post on Wren Britton of Pure Vile.  (Double-super-secret secret–he’s totally got some taxidermy going on in his work! *EEE*)


Today–today is about other artists that utilized taxidermy and how I want to be them when I grow up.


So, my love affair with taxidermy actually started with Professional Mermaid, with whom I went to Columbia College Chicago.  For her BFA show, she did this really nifty installation that integrated plaster dogs, bleached bones, dirt, and a coffin that she built herself.




Completely shiny.  We used to chat about theory (Helene Cixous, specifically) on occasion.


So.  My start.  And then–oh!  and then!–I found Jessica Joslin (somewhere–I have no clue where!).








I love the assemblage aspect of her work, her sense of steampunk-whimsy, and her complete devotion to P.T. Barnum–the man who gave us the Fiji Mermaid (and the ability to obliquely reference it in House of a 1,000 Corpses).


I’d like to spend a day in her studio just watching her work. *is a total fangirl*


Then, recently, Craftzine had an article on Loved to Death.




Loved to Death makes these really neat dioramas (as well as more traditional taxidermy) that are like old circus side-show curiosities (Why, hello there again, Mr. Barnum!). I really want one (or 12!), but I kinda don’t have the money for them.


But–one day!–I shall! *mwahahahahahahaha*


There’s really no need for evil mad scientist laughter (Aren’t mad scientists evil by definition? Was that redundant?).


*shifty eyes*


Except that it’s fun!




And, I’m done.




This entire post really came out of a conversation that happened at the ARTgarage, which you can totally get the gist of over————————————->here. I’ll not reiterate it.


So, these are some of my favorite things taxidermy artists. What are some people that y’all like?



so, I had a post…

A good post.  Smart.  Carefully laid out.  But I got weather sitting on my head all day causing a migraine–cause it could, don’t ya know–and there went-eth the post.


/bad Spike paraphrase  <–‘ Cause, occasionally, Wikipedia doesn’t make me crazy.


Another day; another billion things in my head.


The post was going to be this entire story about a conversation at the ARTgarage about what the next juried show should have as its theme/required element.


Which ended up being tossed about as taxidermy or, at least, bones.


Who knows if that’s going the be the thing (I think it highly unlikely), but it’d be awesome if it were.


And all of this made remember an artist that I had seen on Craftzine, and that was going to be the point of the post.


I think I’m going to save it for later this week, but that’s what I’m going to talk about:  taxidermy as fine art.


A kinda gothic homage to Joseph Cornell.


I have also been busy; I was invited to take a silk painting class last Sunday (the results of which will be posted soon–probably still in process), and I’m taking a bag sewing class tomorrow (did y’all see my first sewing machine sewn seams over on my Facebook artist page?).


I didn’t want to leave y’all hanging.


So, yeah, things and things and other things entirely (like job interviews).


Real and true post on Thursday.