tentacle-made studios at bilotti’s tomorrow (5-8pm) for definitely depere

yeah, i know, i’ve disappeared again and have only resurfaced to tell y’all where i’ll be for definitely depere, but some of it, this time, is me working on new pieces to premiere at bilotti’s for definitely depere tomorrow, and part of it’s been creating digital pieces to put up on my redbubble (and updating previous pieces for new products–which isn’t completed yet), and some of it has been due to working on a competition piece for brain mill press.

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ugh, failwhale

okay, so, here’s the thing–i’ve been making videos and making (slowly) art and doing things, and because work and brain space and the general suckage which is a body that doesn’t work the way that i want it to, i haven’t been getting things posted the way i really, really want to:  not here, not patreon, not youtube, not redbubble–nowhere.

it’s very frustrating, so this is gonna be a kind big post.

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tomorrow’s the day! the happiest of of all days! the opening of the pop! show! \o/

so, yeah, for the millionth time, the pop! show’s reception is from 5-8pm tomorrow night at the ARTgarage in Green Bay.

come on by and see visual culture-oriented art–whether it’s graffiti or fanart or pop art–and have the chance to ask the artists what they were really thinking.

it’s like a game!  but, with booze!  it’s a booze-game!

…i might be kinda punchy right now?

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jellyfish, sketch-a-day, dominion, and teen wolf

I swear, these subject lines just keep getting longer and weirder and longer.

So–if you’ve somehow missed this because it was really only decided on, like, Friday–I’m going to be doing video reviews of Teen Wolf for The Rainbow Hub.

(Video of me talking about it and testing out my new, incredibly craptastic camera is below.  And, if you’ve seen me blathering about it already, sorry?)

Also, Dominion just started on Thursday, and I’m reviewing that too, so y’all should check The Rainbow Hub for all the reviews.

Sketch-a-day is still going.  I drew some particularly bamf things, so here they are.


So, Toothless and The Blue Caterpillar from The Looking Glass Wars.  I’m pretty pleased.

I won’t go all the way to punch-pleased, but pretty-pleased I can do.

And–the jellyfish I finished at Gallery Night.

Yeah, I just kinda wanted to share the things with y’all early because nervous and excited.  Nervcited?  Exvous?


Best of both worlds.

And, video:

I’ll be doing vid reviews of the first four three seasons also.  Just, ya know, summations.

Remember, I’m taking commissions now and that there are shirts and things on my Redbubble.



I really, really have had the worst case of exhaustion-related-to-teaching flakiness to ever happen this week. I just can’t. I’m so mad about it.

Luckily, the things that absolutely needed to be finished were completed (a little late but in no way that was more-than-slightly inconveniencing for anyone but me).


But!  In all of this, I’ve been developing a couple new series including predator-prey, which is a corollary series to the unnamed friends series; eloi, which was a series I started back in art school and had largely abandoned (but it was inspired by Stargate:  Atlantis and its obsession with Frank Lloyd Wright); scales and method, which is  an investigation and return to fundamentals and principles that we learn in art school; and something I’ve been referring to as “studio waste” which is still in it’s infant stages, and I’m not certain how or what I’m actually going to be doing with it.

It exists though.

I’m also wandering back into Artist Journals with a series of embroidered, mixed media journals.  We’ll see how that goes.

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo, evidently teaching actually can spawn ideas for me?  Who knew?

So, the first of the predator-prey series.

predator-prey: Khnum
digital painting
Katrina (‘Trie) Blasingame
predator-prey: Stiles
digital painting
Katrina (‘Trie) Blasingame
predator-prey: All Hail the Mighty Glow Cloud
digital painting
Katrina (‘Trie) Blasingame
predator-prey: Kodoma
digital painting
Katrina (‘Trie) Blasingame

I’m sorry if y’all have seen them before; they’ve just suddenly decided that they are their own series, so I’m having to shuffle around the designated brain-space for them.

But, the concept behind them–so far–is:

A corollary of the unnamed friends series. While predator-prey shares similar ecology to the unnamed friends series, the predator-prey series is more focused on the potential hybridity of chimeric creatures and non-realistic representations of the natural world.

Of course, because this is me, a lot of this is happening through visual culture products like tv and movies in addition to fairytale structures.

So, yeah.

Also, don’t forget y’all, that I do that thing related to writing over at The Rainbow Hub, so if y’all need more of my spaz in your lives, you have a place to get that fix.


Madison Museum of Contemporary Art (MMoCA) Triennial submission

So, yeah, I just did my submission of the MMoCA Triennial submission, and I’m kinda freaking out.

…yes, I do realize that I freak out–internet-publicly via void-screaming–most of the time.  Sorry-not-sorry.

It’s a thing; I’ll stop someday.


Who am I kidding?

So–whatever–submission.  This is what I submitted.  Now with headcanon!

spindle’s work, Zellandine’s denouement: Echo
copper wire, plastic-coated electronics wire, jewelry wire, silk and stainless steel yarn
Katrina (‘Trie) Blasingame

heacanon:  Utilizing Tuttle’s idea of “shadow sketches,” Echo doubles the mythological figure of Echo and the visual culture character Echo from Dollhouse to bring the idea of shadow-selves forward and to emphasize the myriad of selves that we each have and (re)present depending upon time, place, and circumstance that come from that same central place of self no matter the societal or cultural impositions.

spindle’s work, Zellandine’s denouement: fairy forest
handspun yarn, fairylights
Katrina (‘Trie) Blasingame

headcanon:  Fairytales are always about that which is seen and unseen, that which can become manifest with just the right circumstance, just the right nudge.  fairy forest works with that idea and illustrates it through the change that the piece undertakes via the absence and presence of light, both exterior and interior.

spindle’s work, Zellandine’s denouement: The Wolf-Prince
handspun yarn, plastic-coated electronics wire, copper
Katrina (‘Trie) Blasingame

headcanon:  The Wolf-Prince references the ubiquitous “wolf” (i.e., beast-form) characters in fairytales as well as placing the idea of idealized “prince” into question.  Additionally, The Wolf-Prince references a number of characters from visual culture:  Oz from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Rory from Doctor Who, Derek Hale from Teen Wolf, anything and everything from Game of Thrones, and so on.  By referencing these vastly different characters in difference ways, the paradigm of the beast and the prince is problematized.

spindle’s work, Zellandine’s denouement: The Ur-Prince
plastic-coated electronics wire, copper wire
Katrina (‘Trie) Blasingame


headcanon:  Anthropologically, “Ur” is used as an indication of “original” or “primordial;” additionally, Ur was also the first city of Sumeria.  The Ur-Prince draws upon this ideas, these references, to negotiate the ubiquity of the prince-figure in fairytales and how the prince is largely an incidental figure whose agency wears ruts in the surface of the tale, yet in the decision to represent the prince as useless, purely ornamental armor, there is hope and shadowing of the new “princes” who have begun to crop up via (post)post-modern fairytales like Once Upon a Time and Grimm.

spindle’s work, Zellandine’s denouement: Kore-Persephone
handspun yarn, plastic-coated electronics wire, copper wire, copper
Katrina (‘Trie) Blasingame


headcanon:  For me, the story of Kore-Persephone is the origin site of all fairytales, is the discursive space in which we can see how all the strength of the feminine was appropriated, changed, and buried by the assertion of masculine whims:  Persephone’s original Minion ferocity subsumed and subordinated by Doric invasion and assimilation.  The story of Kore-Persephone, as we know it now, is the story of most fairytales with its juxtaposition of opposites that really aren’t opposites and transformations that really aren’t transformations:  death stealing life and life changing death; shy maiden to powerful queen; cruelty begetting mercy; the conquered becoming the conqueror.

Yep.  That was my submission.  What do y’all think?


Halloween post.

‘Cause I felt like it, and I have the candy and everything ready for when the trick-or-treaters start coming.  (I even have the jack-o-lanterns lit and a Halloween station playing on Pandora on the TV.  I’m trying.)

(I am totally already into the candy.  Like, cherry blow-pops are a singular weakness of mine.)

The jack-o-lanterns got a little conceptual this year.  IDEK, why, but they did.

Y’all may or may not remember zombie!bunny, but yeah, he decided this year that he wanted to make a Halloween appearance and that he absolutely needed to have a zombie!bride of his very own.

Well, needless to say, I wasn’t going to sacrifice a helpless little bunny to his devious designs, so I dressed up a pumpkin.

He went for it–idek how–but he did.  They seem very happy together, yeah?

Poor pumpkin.

We’re calling him Harvey, by-the-by.

…hopefully, this doesn’t start a zombie!pumpkin trend that will lead to a zombie!pumpkin apocalypse. *frets*

We also had a little ghost-pumpkin wander by.  He’s a bit dim and confused, for some reason.

Unfortunately, our other jack-o-lantern doesn’t precisely trust him.

Totally with the side-eye-ing.  Jeez, dude, get a grip already.  He’s not doing anything.

…and, we’ve totally had three kids already.  Sad costumes are sad.

Totally teenage boys, but yeah, last year, there weren’t a whole lot of exciting costumes either.  I don’t necessarily have any room to talk, except that I’m totally dressed as Stiles from Teen Wolf but a fandom-version.  For some reason, Stiles shows up with fox ears often in this fandom, so I have my fuzzy blue ears on.

Obscure reference is really fucking obscure. *meh*

…we just had the cutest little skeleton. <3

Okay, so this is really being totally not-an-art post, but it’s Halloween!  And, conceptual!pumpkins are conceptual, right?

There’s another post coming (probably tomorrow) about National Novel Writing Month and my classes actually being, ya know, taught!