minneapolis comic con is coming

and, it’s coming on may 6-8th.


although–RIGHT NOW–i’m on-hold on a live chat with overnight prints WAITING TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED TO TWO SETS OF MY PRINTS.  there is no chill, and i’m lowkey murderous because i’ve been on-hold a weirdly long time.  okay, so they were printing when i finally got a hold of someone.  (let’s hope that what i was told was accurate.)

and, this week–on thursday the 21st–i have gallery nite where i’ll be all tucked in at the ARTgarage.  i’ll have an abbreviated selection with me at gallery nite.

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february catch-up & a myriad of squishy

okay, not super-literally.  it’s more of a question before i start nuts-and-bolts-ing things:  would y’all be interested in being able to obtain your own squishy?

’cause, i thought i might have for sale on my storenvy, etsy, or at cons if that were a thing people would be interested in?

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tentacle-made studios at bilotti’s tomorrow (5-8pm) for definitely depere

yeah, i know, i’ve disappeared again and have only resurfaced to tell y’all where i’ll be for definitely depere, but some of it, this time, is me working on new pieces to premiere at bilotti’s for definitely depere tomorrow, and part of it’s been creating digital pieces to put up on my redbubble (and updating previous pieces for new products–which isn’t completed yet), and some of it has been due to working on a competition piece for brain mill press.

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where did november go?

*NB:  the featured image is a wallpaper that’s over on my flickr, but y’all can also get the abject little tree over on my redbubble on some posh swag.

okay, i seriously do not know how i didn’t post anything over here throughout the entire duration of november.

i mean, there was nanowrimo, which i failed at.

there was epic work, which, seriously, try making two videos a week minimally on top of writing and editing a ton of other articles and doing the social media and see how well you stay on top of things.  we also did this thing where we have new editors, and i have writers that report to me, but that really started in october?

there’s also that i’m preparing for a pop culture show in january?

i dunno.  i’ve no good explanation.

but, i have been drawing lovely things?

and, because what’s more fun than watching me unbox things and muck about in my studios?  videos.

okay, i’m off to do more work because there’s always more work to do, and tomorrow, i’m going to madison to go to the museum of contemporary art for the opening of Narayan Mahon’s show.

because i’m covering it for The Rainbow Hub.

i’m press for an art event.


okay.  courage.

and–i have a cold

and, about a million and four things to do.

i’m sorry that it’s bee so long, again; the boss has been hiring a swath of new writers for The Hub, and my editor duties went up as well as me being not in full control of my faculties and having added more articles to my list of writer duties, the continuation of sketch-a-day, preparing for the Pop Culture Show at the ARTgarage in january, and–because i needed more things to do–inktober.

and, nanowrimo’s coming up fast.

did i mention my sketchbook project is due in january too?

yep, i’m just brilliant.

why do i do this to myself?!?!?!

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Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, project transparency, and Gallery Nite

So, yeah, in case y’all don’t know, tomorrow is Gallery Nite in Green Bay, which basically means that a bunch of the art-oriented venues are open with booze, nibbles, demos, and artists to talk to.

Like me.

I’m always at the ARTgarage since I’m a Studio Artist there, so if you’re in this part of Wisconsin, y’all should come by and see if I’m as adorbs in person me.

So, over the weekend, I went to the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum in Wausau, and it was amazing.


If you want to watch the individual vidlets of the exhibitions, there’s a special playlist for it:

There were three exhibits that day, the first was the Salvage and Selvage by the Fiber Artists Coalition.  My favorite was Resident Alien #1 by Linda Witte Henke:

There was also ReDress:  Upcylced Style by Nancy Judd, which my favorite was The Enviromental Steward-ess:

Seriously, tell me that this isn’t some Superhero-Levels of Amaze.  I’m not even kidding when I say that the cape are cut-up safety pamphlets from the airlines, which really do have the same sort of coloration that the old Golden Age Action Comics used to have.

This one was also bril (but I forgot to take a full picture of it and capture it’s info plaque–I’m trash).

It’s a Flamenco dress made out of candy wrappers that have been folded into little fans.

No one can doubt Nancy Judd’s commitment to Sparkle Motion.

My favorite exhibition, though–and the one that I was able to speak with the artist Jennifer Agnus–was Nature Composed.

I–may have taken a lot of photos?  Maybe?  So, I’m not going to subject y’all to all of them, but here are some of the highlights:  a representative corner of the installation, the dollhouse, and a couple of details.

Agnus’ work is just so conceptual and so beautiful, and I just love everything about it.

Check out that wallpaper!  Angus designed it and screenprinted it onto the paper.

That’s hardcore.

But, it’s basically an insect representation, with the insect images coming from Victorian illustrations, of the Bayeux Tapestry.

I want this wallpaper.

Yes, those are real, preserved insects.  They’re from the rain forests of Southeast Asia.



It’s just the best installation.  If you can go (or see one of Angus’ installations elsewhere), y’all should do it.

Just to warn y’all, I’ll probably be posting squee and meta about this installation for awhile.  Fair warning.

And, for future planning purposes for Gallery Nite, here’s the dates and venues and things directly from the Gallery Nite page:

2014 dates are all held on Thursdays from 5 – 8 p.m. including: 

  • April 17
  • June 19
  • September 18
  • November 20

Here are the stops:

  • Cedar Street Gallery (1375 Cedar Street)
  • Flowerama (1405 Main St.)
  • Cineviz (1236 Main St.)
  • The ARTgarage (1400 Cedar Street)
  • East High School (1415 E. Walnut St.) *Not able to participate in April
  • Photography by Fix (517 Forsest Street)
  • NL Johnson Art (1263 Main Street)
  • The Attic Books & Coffee (730 Bodart Street)
  • The Glass Haus (633 E. Walnut)
  • NWTC Artisan Center (1417 Cedar St.)
  • Photography by Emily (1228 Main St.)
  • The Plant People (931 Main St.)

And, in that vein–but totally not in the title–here are the date for Definitely DePere, which I’m participating in (again):  May 9th and June 13th, I’ll be at Polito’s Pizza, and July 18th and September 12th, I’ll be at Great Harvest Bread Company.

IDEK.  I don’t make the schedules.


Medusa, project transparency, and the Wisconsin Arts Board

Friendly reminder:  Gallery Nite is Thursday.  I’ll be at the ARTgarage.

So, yeah.  I finished a piece yesterday that I’m calling Medusa.

The thing I can’t decide is if I want to hang it high so that it has this Malevich Black Square icon reference, or if I want to hang it more on-the-level so that it’s confronting the viewer.

Help me to decide?

Here are some (fairly craptastic) snaps of it to help y’all decide:



And, evidently, Medusa exists in conversation with gilded hive:

They talk about art.

Somehow, I made art about art, and I’m not entirely certain how that happened?  But, they’re talking about what happens when you forcibly decontextualize objects and re-contextualize them into spaces designated as Art Only spaces and how that changes their objectness to abjectness, their loss of identity.

Think about Duchamp’s Readymades.  They’re kinda sad objects.

So, yeah.

There’s a new project transparency on my Youtube Channel, or y’all can watch it below:

Which is, actually, all about the Wisconsin Arts Board Community Meeting I went to last week.

I’ll let the video speak for itself, but if y’all want to look at their Strategic Plan yourself, look here.

I’m heading off to the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum in Wausau.  That’s exciting.





This post comes in 5 parts.

The 5 parts:  Winter Soldier, Community Arts Meeting, Gallery Nite, Definitely DePere, and Project Transparency.

I so couldn’t come up with something pithy to call the post today.  Sorry-not-sorry.

Part 1:  Winter Soldier

So, Captain America:  Winter Soldier.


This has been a PSA.  A really unnecessary PSA because Captain America.

Part 2:  Community Arts Meeting

There’s a Community Arts meeting tomorrow at the ARTgarage from 4:30-6.  Be there if you want to be part of the discussion about the importance of the arts in Wisconsin and how we can make changes for the better for the Arts Community in the Green Bay area.

Really, there’s a lot of artists just kicking around up here; if we could actually get ourselves somewhat organized and have a coalition of something, we might actually have a really thriving scene.  THERE IS NO REASON THAT ART AND FOOTBALL ARE MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE.

Seriously, everyone get that out of your heads, and we can get started.

Part 3:  Gallery Nite

Gallery Nite is creeping up on us on April 17th.  I’ll be at the ARTgarage doing–something.

If there’s something that I do that you’d like to see me demo that doesn’t involve fire (because the ARTgarage isn’t zoned for that), leave a comment or send me a message.

Really, I’d appreciate the suggestion(s); I’m drawing a blank (sic) right now.

Do y’all want me to bring things that you can buy?

Part 4:  Definitely DePere

I have been accepted to do Definitely DePere again this summer, so that information will be coming along shortly (i.e., as soon as I located the piece of paper I wrote the dates on–I suck at adult).

I’m going to have more of my illustrative and photographic work (in small format) so that there’s inexpensive things there.  There will also likely be handspun yarn, handmade books, and buttons.

Ugh, I need to buy a table.

Part 5:  Project Transparency

Which continues to be a horrible name, but I can’t think of anything better.  Evidently, all my creativity is not present here.  (It doesn’t help that I’m the worst at naming things.

Remember my conceptual series spindle’s work, Zellandine’s denouement?  That just rolls right off the tongue.

But, here’s the second vlog of the project.  An actual tour of my studio (with commentary, I’m so sorry) because, like I say in the video, I don’t know how many people not-an-artist (or artist-adjacent) actually get to see inside of an artist’s studio.

Please, leave questions, comments, ALL THE THINGS.  I’d be happy to hear/read them.

And, if there’s a subject that y’all would like me to address, leave that in the comments (or message me) too.