going to see Swan Lake today

AND, IT’S THE BOLSHOI PRODUCTION.  really, ya can’t get more premiere than that since swan lake premiered at the bolshoi in 1877.

these are the things that i do in pursuit of journalism.

and, it’s just really shiny.

also, so i don’t forget, THANK YOU, MICHELLE FOR BEING MY PATRON.  that is severely cool of you.

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museum trips and other things

so, one of the newer things that we’re doing at The Rainbow Hub is that we’re covering ballets, operas, and art shows.

which means that i get paid to go to art shows now.

we’re also starting to do kinda features on artists, and i’m writing the first of the visual artist profile this week. \o/

(NB:  if you’re a visual artist or know a visual artist, send them my way, yeah?  i mean, we’re really trying to feature young, emerging, and/or unknown artists because–dammit–artists need more exposure.)

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where did november go?

*NB:  the featured image is a wallpaper that’s over on my flickr, but y’all can also get the abject little tree over on my redbubble on some posh swag.

okay, i seriously do not know how i didn’t post anything over here throughout the entire duration of november.

i mean, there was nanowrimo, which i failed at.

there was epic work, which, seriously, try making two videos a week minimally on top of writing and editing a ton of other articles and doing the social media and see how well you stay on top of things.  we also did this thing where we have new editors, and i have writers that report to me, but that really started in october?

there’s also that i’m preparing for a pop culture show in january?

i dunno.  i’ve no good explanation.

but, i have been drawing lovely things?

and, because what’s more fun than watching me unbox things and muck about in my studios?  videos.

okay, i’m off to do more work because there’s always more work to do, and tomorrow, i’m going to madison to go to the museum of contemporary art for the opening of Narayan Mahon’s show.

because i’m covering it for The Rainbow Hub.

i’m press for an art event.


okay.  courage.

*is very excited for The Night Before Our Stars*

I’m wearin’ my Pizza-John shirt and everything.

(Is where a Pizza-John shirt to The Night Before Our Stars like wearing a band’s shirt when you got to see them in concert?  Am I that person?  DO I CARE?!?!)

I have new postcards-prints for my upcoming *handwaves* things.  I’m trying to decide if I want to take them to Gallery Nite on the 19th.

What do y’all think?

Ya know, in addition to the previous set of postcard-prints I had made.

(I wish I had the dosh to get t-shirts made because SHIRTS!)

I have, however, gotten myself a sign; although, awful picture taken by me is awful.

*is punch-pleased*

Idek why the cephalabun is my go-to for everything, but it is.  (It’s probably because the cephalabuns are my nephews favorite.  *hands*)

So, yeah, I’m still having difficulty remembering to post the projecTransparency videos/vlogs over here.  I’ve only done 11; I don’t know what I expect from myself.

(A lot.  Y’all have no clue how much I expect all the time.)

This time I’m talking about where my inspiration comes from and welcoming ‘Lain to the project.  (I’ll have her making vids yet.)

So, yeah, stuff and things and excitement.

I’ve also been converting some of my sketch-a-days into digital paintings for, ya know, shirts and iPhone covers and things that are available on Redbubble, like, this guy:


I’ve also taken up the task of social media person for The Rainbow Hub.  I mean, I just schedule posts to happen, but it means that the Boss doesn’t have to worry about it.  Kori worries about to much as it is.

I’m still going on the sketch-a-day, and they keep getting more illustritive and less *blech* so that’s good.

And, because I suck out loud at remembering to do this, here’s last week’s projecTransparency in case y’all didn’t see it.


random post of randomness

by Paul Barnes

It shouldn’t be random, but it is.

I’ve been tearing a part the studio (again) for the last couple of days due to the In-Laws:  Wisconsin Edition giving The Husband and me a table for the kitchen that is a much more reasonable size for our space; the previous kitchen table has moved into my studio.

Hence, the tearing a part of the studio. *shrugs*

…I do wonder how I get any art made, like, ever.

Speaking of art, I have a new artistic crush.  His name is Paul Barnes. <–That’s his work about…and below…

His website is under-construction, so here’s his page on Thumbtack Press.  I think I might have mentioned him before, but I now have a full-blown art-crush; it bears repeating, I think.

Aren’t his creatures sweet and wee?  They’re so creepily kawaii.  I want one (or seven) of his paintings.

I do have a birthday coming up, but really, art is an anytime-of-the-year type of offering. *whistles*

by Paul Barnes

*insert segue here*

I finished reading The Witches of Eastwick today, and all I can say is that I think that John Updike took Pat Robertson’s rant about

“The feminist agenda is not about equal rights for women. It is about a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians.”

a little too seriously.  Also?  It has every kind -ism in the history of the universe in it.  The narration is all wackadoodled and sloppy.  The research is lousy and seems to only have come from the caricaturization of Medieval/Early Modern in craptastic novelizations.  And, quite possibly the most insulting thing, is that, after all the “I hate men”-ness that permeates the novel (even that is an overwrought caricature), all the women get married again.

It’s like the whole novel was some sort misogynistic, guilt-ridden male fantasy that had to end in marriage to make the characters, who were very much two dimensional characters who I didn’t really like and didn’t really care if horrible things happened to them, safe for work again.

Can’t have those wild, free-spirited, liberated women running around without the manacles of marriage to weigh them back down again. *EYE-ROLL HEARD AROUND THE WORLD*

Oh, and evidently, John Updike hates conceptual and postmodern art.



And, since I’m in a ranty mood, here’s an interesting, infuriating, naively unrealistic video.

Before I begin my deconstruction and general crankiness with this video, what do y’all think?  Is it just me that there are some major issues in here?

Y’all chat amongst yourselves, and I will post my rant about this video later this week (or next week’s blog at the latest).


Birthday Update.

So, sad squid is sad.  I wasn’t able to go to The Art Garage‘s Gallery Night due to Winter Storm Francesca and the 19+ inches of snow she dumped on our heads.


As y’all can see.  Snow.  Lots.  Of.  SNOW!  /o\


It’s mostly gone now.  o.O


I also didn’t get to retrieve my prizes for placing in the College of Menominee Nation‘s World Water Day art competition sponsored by the Sustainability Institute.


*this is me annoyed*


But!  I did get to go to The Art Garage yesterday with the lovely Sara and Spawn #2.  It looks like I may be doing some volunteering for the nice peoples.  I encourage everyone else in the Green Bay area to volunteer also.  They are completely dependent upon volunteer help, and they are a totally worthy institution to volunteer for–bring art to the community!


Also, if anyone is a local Green Bay artist and would like to be shown at The Art Garage, they have space for rent that’s really reasonable.


And The Husband got me the best teacup for my birthday.  If y’all hadn’t guessed, I like all things tentacled, and Anthropologie has the perfect teacup for those who are cephalopod obsessed.


It’s really fantastic.  The handle is textured like a tentacle, and there’s a picture of a little sailing vessel on the inside so that the implication is the tentacle is coming to drag the ship down into the briny depths.


*happy sighs*


Definitely a present that some who knows you really well would get you.


I’m also doing some revamping to the artwork section of the blog.  It’s going kinda slowly.  As always, the “instant gratification” part of viewing my art is to go check it out on my Flickr.  One day, everything will be consolidated!  (raise you hand if you think this is a complete and utter lie *raises hand*)


So, just ’cause I can and because it’s fun to watch Mr. Morph be all flumexed and silly, a video.  Morpheus the Kitty-Dog trying to make friends with The Little Black Cat and failing miserably.


I shouldn’t think it’s funny, but it really is.



Poor Morph!  It’s just lucky he’s pretty.