jellyfish, sketch-a-day, dominion, and teen wolf

I swear, these subject lines just keep getting longer and weirder and longer.

So–if you’ve somehow missed this because it was really only decided on, like, Friday–I’m going to be doing video reviews of Teen Wolf for The Rainbow Hub.

(Video of me talking about it and testing out my new, incredibly craptastic camera is below.  And, if you’ve seen me blathering about it already, sorry?)

Also, Dominion just started on Thursday, and I’m reviewing that too, so y’all should check The Rainbow Hub for all the reviews.

Sketch-a-day is still going.  I drew some particularly bamf things, so here they are.


So, Toothless and The Blue Caterpillar from The Looking Glass Wars.  I’m pretty pleased.

I won’t go all the way to punch-pleased, but pretty-pleased I can do.

And–the jellyfish I finished at Gallery Night.

Yeah, I just kinda wanted to share the things with y’all early because nervous and excited.  Nervcited?  Exvous?


Best of both worlds.

And, video:

I’ll be doing vid reviews of the first four three seasons also.  Just, ya know, summations.

Remember, I’m taking commissions now and that there are shirts and things on my Redbubble.