Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, project transparency, and Gallery Nite

So, yeah, in case y’all don’t know, tomorrow is Gallery Nite in Green Bay, which basically means that a bunch of the art-oriented venues are open with booze, nibbles, demos, and artists to talk to.

Like me.

I’m always at the ARTgarage since I’m a Studio Artist there, so if you’re in this part of Wisconsin, y’all should come by and see if I’m as adorbs in person me.

So, over the weekend, I went to the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum in Wausau, and it was amazing.


If you want to watch the individual vidlets of the exhibitions, there’s a special playlist for it:

There were three exhibits that day, the first was the Salvage and Selvage by the Fiber Artists Coalition.  My favorite was Resident Alien #1 by Linda Witte Henke:

There was also ReDress:  Upcylced Style by Nancy Judd, which my favorite was The Enviromental Steward-ess:

Seriously, tell me that this isn’t some Superhero-Levels of Amaze.  I’m not even kidding when I say that the cape are cut-up safety pamphlets from the airlines, which really do have the same sort of coloration that the old Golden Age Action Comics used to have.

This one was also bril (but I forgot to take a full picture of it and capture it’s info plaque–I’m trash).

It’s a Flamenco dress made out of candy wrappers that have been folded into little fans.

No one can doubt Nancy Judd’s commitment to Sparkle Motion.

My favorite exhibition, though–and the one that I was able to speak with the artist Jennifer Agnus–was Nature Composed.

I–may have taken a lot of photos?  Maybe?  So, I’m not going to subject y’all to all of them, but here are some of the highlights:  a representative corner of the installation, the dollhouse, and a couple of details.

Agnus’ work is just so conceptual and so beautiful, and I just love everything about it.

Check out that wallpaper!  Angus designed it and screenprinted it onto the paper.

That’s hardcore.

But, it’s basically an insect representation, with the insect images coming from Victorian illustrations, of the Bayeux Tapestry.

I want this wallpaper.

Yes, those are real, preserved insects.  They’re from the rain forests of Southeast Asia.



It’s just the best installation.  If you can go (or see one of Angus’ installations elsewhere), y’all should do it.

Just to warn y’all, I’ll probably be posting squee and meta about this installation for awhile.  Fair warning.

And, for future planning purposes for Gallery Nite, here’s the dates and venues and things directly from the Gallery Nite page:

2014 dates are all held on Thursdays from 5 – 8 p.m. including: 

  • April 17
  • June 19
  • September 18
  • November 20

Here are the stops:

  • Cedar Street Gallery (1375 Cedar Street)
  • Flowerama (1405 Main St.)
  • Cineviz (1236 Main St.)
  • The ARTgarage (1400 Cedar Street)
  • East High School (1415 E. Walnut St.) *Not able to participate in April
  • Photography by Fix (517 Forsest Street)
  • NL Johnson Art (1263 Main Street)
  • The Attic Books & Coffee (730 Bodart Street)
  • The Glass Haus (633 E. Walnut)
  • NWTC Artisan Center (1417 Cedar St.)
  • Photography by Emily (1228 Main St.)
  • The Plant People (931 Main St.)

And, in that vein–but totally not in the title–here are the date for Definitely DePere, which I’m participating in (again):  May 9th and June 13th, I’ll be at Polito’s Pizza, and July 18th and September 12th, I’ll be at Great Harvest Bread Company.

IDEK.  I don’t make the schedules.


the end of one year; the beginning of another

And, if that isn’t some of the most prosaic wanking I’ve ever written.  Sheesh.

I’m finishing this year with two new (very intense) works from my studio made in just the last month (and maybe a half…I can’t remember when I started the dress uniform, and I’m feeling to lazy to check).

So, here they are (in Instagram snaps because I haven’t processed the actual photos of the dress uniform and the installation can’t really have good pictures of it taken until it’s, ya know, installed):  The Dress Uniform of Leftenant-Colonel Αβιγαιλ Ποδεσ, Order of the Silver Octopus and The Festival of Lights in the Church of Architeuthis in the Aspects of The Moon, The Deep, and The Devourer.












A reminder that, in the New Year, y’all will be able to see these pieces–up close and in person–at the ARTgarage in Green Bay.

We’re installing the show on Thursday, and the Opening for The Steampunk Extravaganza is January 9th from 5-8 PM.

I’m putting together a steampunk playlist and everything (like I don’t already have 7 just sitting around on my iPod *whistles*).


We’ve all (nearly) survived 2013!



documentation of Steampunk Extravaganza* piece

*I did not name this show nor was I consulted in the name of this show.  I–it’s just a really not-good name for the show.

But, what do I know.

So, yeah, this is why I haven’t really been around, in case y’all have been wondering why I’ve been AWOL–aside from an epic people hangover from T-Day and the writing.

Did I mention that I now have an official title now?  I’m a Senior Contributing Writer.

Tell me that isn’t awesome.

So–I’m in this steampunk show, and I’ve been working on a costume because, sometimes, I just really enjoy making wearable art.

Like these:

But–hey!–I figured new show, new piece (because that’s just the kind of squid I am).

So, the idea for this is an Order of the Brass Octopus dress uniform for a Lieutenant-Colonel, but this is an Order of the Brass Octopus that’s run by Madame Lefoux and is, not only militaristic, but also highly matriarchal.

Remember, this isn’t remotely done yet.

Can we talk about how much I despise setting grommets and how awful fan-lacing is to do?

And, yet, here I am:  grommets and fan-lacing galore.  *SIGH*

If you’d like to see the rest of the photos documenting this piece so far, please feel free to take a gander at the set.

I have really horrible concept sketches in there.  Might be good for a giggle.


just in time for the winter holiday buying season

IDEK, y’all.

But, I have gotten my act (sorta-ish) together(-ish), and I have put a number of translates-well-to-image pieces up on my Society6 and Redbubble stores as well as having some of my sculptures up on my Etsy store.

And, sorry for the inconveinienc, but my Etsy’s only taking Paypal right now because Etsy is being problematic today.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to take credit cards in the next couple of days.

As always, if there’s a piece of mine that you’re interested in, just shoot me an email.  I’m willing to negotiate and do payment plants.

tentacle-made studios, you stop for weird shit for the holidays.

Seriously, I’m trying.  If y’all have suggestions for things that you’d like to see up in the shops, let me know, and I will endeavor to do my little squid best.

What do people even want to see in these things?  IDK.  I know what I like, but it doesn’t seem to be the same things that anyone else really likes unless I’m in the land of fanart. *hands*

Courage, lovies.  There’s turkey this week.

pictures and thoughts and things

…are you trying to steal my unicorn?


Okay, I was just watching Bitchin’ Kitchen, so that’s what’s with the stealing the unicorn.  *whistles*


I’m still feeling under the weather, so I’m just going to say that IQ’s Fall Art Reception was a load of fun and Mother Nature plotted against us with unseasonably warm weather–which, when you like in a place that has as much winter as we do, no one stays inside when it’s unseasonably warm.


Unless, you’re a crazy artist under a deadline.




Anyway, it was fantastic, and I hope that Miss Heather invites me to play again.  Here are the pictures I took.


Heather Peterman’s Art: Fantastically bright, almost stained glass-like. A unique aesthetic that has a touch of psychedelic, black light posters in it.


Y’all know that you want a piece of her work–whether it’s fiber-based, a print, or an original painting–do yourselves a favor and get yourselves some Heather art. <–And excuse me and my fever-addled cracktasticness.












Shelly Fuchs: A little dark, a little sexy, a whole lot of awesome. And! She has a giant giraffe as part of her display.








Sara DeRuyter of Eleven Moon Art: Colorful, geometric, and fun. This was Sara first time out too. We were nervous together.








Jacy Petersen (here’s her photography page): Organic, touchable, and visually rich. We totally had an art trade!










And, me! <–Katrina (‘Trie) Blasingame:








There were also a couple of guys that I didn’t get pictures of their stuff. Next time.


So, I haven’t forgotten the Branding conversation; I just haven’t been well enough to be completely thinky about it. It has, however, returned to one of my least favorite rants: artists’ pricing of their time and work–or, really, their under-pricing.


I haven’t forgotten, I swear.


So, here’s the currently updated calendar:

Story Beads: Beading to Heal–September 30th $30.00

The ARTgarage has a class cooperative with St. Vinny’s, and this class is being offered through that program. This class is also totally based upon one that I took with Lisa Kay a couple of years ago. She’s totally as awesome as you’d think she’d be winning a Fulbright. Share the love!


So, I had one person signed up for this class, but we had such a good time, I think! Definitely going to see about doing this again in the Spring–maybe as more of a series of “come and learn; come back to hang out and work together!”


“Visualizing Your Hopes and Dreams”: An Art Night for Freedom House–October 3rd, 6-8 pm

It’s basically an art class being taught for the families that Freedom House helps out.


Kelly and I had about 10 people (though 2 were too small to do more than run around) plus Freedom House’s coordinator-lady Robyn (who is totally awesome). We all had a good time, one student tried drawing for the first time in her life, and I made a new friend.


Studio Tour–October 7th, 12-6 at the ARTgarage

It’s really Chris Style’s studio tour, but all the ARTgarage studio artists were invited to join the fun. This tour happens the 8th and 9th also, but I’m only going to be there the 7th and the 9th.


Bay Area Watercolor Artists Opening–October 7th, 5-8 at the ARTgarage

Not necessarily my art scene, but ya know, I’m still gonna be supportive!



IQ’s Fall Art Reception–October 8th

3-8 pm at IQ’s Bar 2105 University Ave., Green Bay


Studio Tour–October 9th, 12-5 at the ARTgarage

Same sitch, different day.


4th Quarter Artists Opening Reception AND the first Artists’ Demo-ing Night (hip name yet to be chosen)–October 13th

5-8 pm at the ARTgarage. The Artists’ Demo-ing Night is something new that we’re trying, so if you’re an artist in the Green Bay area, come to Demo Night! We all aren’t ARTgarage artists either, and we’re willing to share our windfall awesomeness!


Japanese Stab Binding: Books to Heal–October 14th $30.00

Also, a St. Vinny’s class. <–This is looking like it's going to be cancelled. *SAD*


Artist Books: A Bookmaking Workshop–November 11th-12th $150.00

Bookmaking techniques and artist books! \o/


Artists’ Demo-ing Night–November 17th

Same sitch (yes, I did use “sitch”) as the other one.


Artist Dolls–November 18th-19th $150.00

Really, this is ‘Lain’s gig; I’m just co-teaching.


Black Friday Mixed Media for Kids Class–November 25th

Co-taught with the fabulous Miss Carrie. Bring your kids to be babysat to learn about and make mixed media art while you get some peace and quiet some Yule/Christmas/Kwanzaa/Hanukkah/Saturnalia/insert-your-holy-day-here shopping done.


Artists’ Demo-ing Night (I really hope we come up with a better title soon.)–Decemeber 15th, 5-8 pm

This Demo Night happens during the ARTgarage’s annual Holiday Sale/Show, so it’s a double header.


Miss ‘Lain is also teaching a couple of other classes that I’m kinda helping out with (Mostly so that I can take the class without paying for it! Don’t tell!).

Circuit Bending 101–October 28th $60.00

Puppetry–December 2nd and 9th $150


…really, how much do y’all think a class should be?


I’m out.




Marathon for Literature at the ARTgarage

So, today’s gonna kinda be a drive-by advert for the Marathon for Literature being held at the ARTgarage this upcoming Friday and Saturday (9/16 @ 6 pm-9/17 @6 pm).


I might throw in a little Kurt Halsey if y’all are good.


Here’s the advert:


15 minutes. A book. You.


That’s all it takes for you to help support the ARTgarage and Literacy Green Bay.


Your support (and the support of anyone that is willing to sponsor you) will go to fund Arts programing at the ARTgarage and fund Literacy Green Bay as well as to help purchase new books for several area shelters.


September 16th and 17th already full up? Support the Marathon for Literature by sponsoring a reader (or many readers!).


You can even donate food for all those starving readers (and their hungry audience–can’t have them eating the readers, ya know)!  Honestly, I think I’ve managed to hunt down enough food to kill a water buffalo.


If you’re interested in reading or donating, call the ARTgarage at 920.448.6800; otherwise, we’ll see y’all at the Marathon!


Come to read; stay to listen!


We are still short several readers, so–come on!–come and play with us.  Books, reading, coffee–all late into the night and into the next day.  It’ll be fantastic!


If you’re an artist and you wanna do one of those “create art to the music reading” things, that can totally be arranged.  Just call the ARTgarage or email me.


We’ll hook.  You.  UP!  <–I’m a little excited about all of this if y’all couldn’t tell.


Come to the Marathon.  We have cookies.


Okay, since you were all so good–Except for you, ‘Lain.  I see what you’re doing over there.–Kurt Halsey.


He’s kinda a quintessential hipster artist, but in a non-sucky, non-pretentious  way.


I really like him, and I learned about him from my friend Genna (of deconstructing pierrot fame).  For some reason, Halsey and Bright Eyes are inextricably linked in my head because of her.


I enjoy the almost cartoon-ish whimsey of his images as well as the stories-within-stories that he creates and the way that post-it note kinda conversations happen sometimes.  <–I think part of that is because I have a tendency to sketch my unnamed friends on post-it notes before they become large-scale drawings or sculptures. *should totally start scanning those images also*


I also enjoy that his people/creatures are gestural and (almost) ephemeral–like they are nascent beings or they are coming into being.


He also totally has a fandom.  How many artists can say that?



…I kinda want my own fandom.  *looooooooooooooooooooooooongs for it like a bungalow*




drive-by awesomeness

I’m heading out of town today, so this post is going to be short, to the point with minimal bellybutton contemplating.


Wren Britton. Of Pure Vile. (Is that a play on puerile? If it is, I applaud the wordplay!)




He’s awesome and gothic and Dresden Dolls-esque and assemblage-oriented and generally just hits every happy-button I have for wearable art.


I want him to be my friend. I want to live in his head. I love him, and I love his (metaphoric) shoes. /West Wing reference.


I’ll be teaching 1st-3rd graders at SAW at the ARTgarage next week. If y’all never hear from me again, it’s because they all went Lord of the Flies on us and sacrificed us to their cruel, cruel god.


Now, back to your regularly scheduled program already in progress.



playing catch-up. always.

I’m still playing catch-up from last week, and this week is bordering on the craptastic as well.  Oh, as they say, well.


Part of that catch-up was telling y’all about what it seems like I’m going to be teaching at the Art Garage in the Fall and a couple of thinky-thought questions I’ve been contemplating about how artists achieve success.  <–This one is totally due to the epic search for my certified birth certificate and car title so that I could get my Wisconsin driver’s license and plates for ‘Renn (my car).  *cues epic quest music*


I found them and have spend an inordinate amount of The Husband’s money making sure that I am a properly Wisconsin-licensed squid.


I have a collar and everything.  I’ve had my shots too.  /facetious


Now, I haven’t signed any teaching contracts yet for the Art Garage, but I have been given some tentative dates (which I’m not disclosing until I’ve signed the contracts), but it looks like I’m going to be teaching a story bead class like the one I took with Lisa Kay at Bliss Beads in DeKalb for St. Vincents as well as a book-making workshop in which we’re going to learn Japanese stab-stitch binding with each student contributing a page for the book so that everyone will have part of everyone else.  <–The Art Garage has a art therapy co-operative with St. Vincents.


Since these classes are in coordination with St. Vinny’s, they’re going to be more intentionally autobiographical in intent with an expectation that many of the students with be performing trauma writing.


I’m also supposed to be teaching a two day book-making workshop that I’m hoping to get people to think about artists books as well as making their own blank books.  The idea is to teaching them a variety of book-forms on the first day in conjunction with an introduction into artist books and non-traditional book-forms and then, on the second day, get the students to start creating artist books.  Or even artist journals since they are inextricably linked.


This should be interesting since I’m a very non-traditional-book-form book artist on occasion.  For example, this is a wearable book that I made.



Pardon the craptastic image.  I just recently found it again, and I haven’t had a chance to re-photograph it.


So, *insert segue here* as for a few questions about how artists achieve success.  I ran across an old Chicago Artists’ News (2009, XXXVI.7) that, I think, Lisa Kay gave me.  <–Again, thanks to the epic quest.  The cover story is “Is Art School Worth the Cost?”.  Now, the artists that were interviewed seem to come out to a “it depends” since some think it was amazingly important and others were very meh.  What caught my eye about this article was this quote:

It’s (art school) has been disillusioning.  A brutal wake-up call.  I’ve realized how many jerks are in the art world and how often success is based on connections instead of talent. (p. 1 & 11)

I know a lot of professionally trained artists and a lot of self-taught artists and a few who are both (I know that seems impossible, but mix a discovery-learner with art school and both can happen).  I’m technically one of those discovery-learner-art-school hybrids as is my friend and sometimes collaborator Elain.


Art school was important to me more in terms of space, facilities, and other people–not so much connections (though some of that happened), but more people to talk to about what was in my head trying to come out in my work.  This often didn’t go well because of my theory training which dictated a certain respect and negotiation of concept when it comes to audiences (reader-response theory) and that we are each going to approach a work depending on our cultural upbringing and the cultures with which we identify ourselves (autobiographical theory).

Ask ‘Lain.  I annoyed people a lot with that.


So, the question for y’all is this:  do you think that artist success is a matter of talent, connections, pandering to an audience, something else, or a mix?


I always lean towards “mix,” but I hate the idea that connections can over shadow talent and feeding an audience art that is safe and stayed and boring will get an artist further than hard work and skill.  Therefore, I think I’m coming out undecided at the moment.


What do y’all think?