*tra lala la la*

so–the first depere art walk is coming up in a week, but because xo fitness is kinda awesome, my work is going to be there for the next week–like a pop-up show–starting tomorrow afternoon.

also, i finally sorted out my storenvy and etsy so that there are actual things in them, and my spoonflower has fabric, et al. in it now too.

as always, my redbubble exists.


Random, willful, wanton writing on a Saturday morning.

Before I go off to rummage, I have a story for y’all.

Gnome and I were talking about subversive, subtextual narratives in Star Trek: TOS: Kirk/Spock, Spock/Uhura, Kirk/McCoy, Spock/McCoy, and Kirk/Spock/McCoy with Kirk as the omni-sexual predecessor of Captain Jack.

These are the conversations we have. Yes, we’re kinda geeky and weird.


And, we got talking about Dracula (Coppola’s adaptation and the original text)—this happens sometimes too—and, I was talking about the narrative in Dracula is unreliable and, in my opinion, seems like it’s been massively retconed—which is something I always kinda feel like with epistolary novels and first person narration.

So, my theory is that, at the end of Dracula where it takes *cough*five*cough* men to kill Dracula, there’s an altertnative ending. What we’re reading is the official story that they took back to England, replete with a gallant death for the American since there’s no possible way he could have survived such close proximity to the supernatural. What really happened is that everyone when all swoony over Dracula and shacked up with him. Quincy decided to stay forever (hence why he’s “dead”), and Mina’s child (that is always presented as some sort of amalgam of Van Helsing, Jack [Brilliant Jack! Do you like it?], Jonathan, Quincy, and Arthur) is actually Dracula’s.

There’s more to the theory, but I may just have to write the Story Of It, ya know?