in the night, in the dark

so, notes. we’ve got grey with their uncertainty about a lot of things, and persis being traumatized (really all of my venery kids are) because court intrigue is enough to give anyone ptsd, but we’re talking about, like, sumerian levels of bloody fuckery, so yeah, they’re all severally in need of therapy.

also, grey is evidently a math major (surprised the fuck out of me too), and tove is evidently a metals major with a specialization in blacksmithing. again, surprised the fuck out of me. idek what’s going on here anymore.

Grey was sitting up in bed, coursework spread across their duvet-covered legs, taking advantage of a rare late night that was met without Tove in Grey’s bed—not that Grey had any complaints about Tove in Grey’s bed; it was exceedingly, well, nice. Comforting and comfortable and really more than anything that Grey had exected—but sometimes, Grey liked to work late—too late, really—and having Tove in bed kind of nixed that. But, tonight, Tove was working late in the foundry on a project, so Grey was working on a problem-set that was due later in the week.

It was nice. Weird after the convivial co-habitation that Tove and Grey had taken up but nice.


Grey looked up from their problem-set and stared hard at the door of their aerie for a second. “Come in?”

Grey’s door opened and in slipped teeny-tiny Persis, closing the door behind her and pressing her back against it, her short hair tufting in an unruly mish-mash that, mostly, pointed up. As Grey observed Persis, Grey could see that her eyes were huge and startled and staring, their usual clear, sea-deep clarity muddled by something else, her breaths coming in short jerks.

Grey crawled out their bed sending a pile of books and papers crashing to the floor in their haste causing Persis to nearly jump, falling back into herself and shuddering with hitching sobs that somehow made no noise and had no tears but were, nevertheless, sobs. Grey took Persis’ shoulders into their hands, noting how very cold Persis felt even with the soothing warmth of her fur and noticing that Persis’ lovely, golden wings were flitting in and out of present and presence seemingly without Persis’ control.

This was so not good.

“Persis,” Grey urged, tilting her head up so that Grey could meet her eyes, surprised again by how very small Persis—funny coming from Grey since Grey was not precisely what could be qualified as anything other than “small” also—was for someone who was so fierce and ferocious. “Are you alright, darling?”

Persis blinked. Once. Hard. Seeming to come back to this moment, to Grey’s aerie.

She shook her head.

“Do you need to stay here tonight, darling?”

Persis hiccupped audibly this time, a few stray tears making their way down her impish face, and nodded her head vehemently.

Grey took Persis hand, soft-sharpness against beaded-scaly-ness. “Okay, darling.”

Grey always forgot that, despite Persis being part of the Venery version of Rumpspringe, Persis was actually quite a bit younger than the rest of the Scioncy—one hundred and eighty years versus Grey’s two hundred, a Euigilans Somnium equivalent of being eighteen versus Grey’s more usual twenty—that, technically, Persis wasn’t actually a part of the Scioncy.

Like Ione, Mad March Grey, and Aedeir, Persis was here to learn while Ione and Mad March Grey were here to protect, and Aedeir was here to observe and teach.

Not that any of this really mattered to Grey—they were, after all, in this together—but Persis’ relative youth meant that she was more prone to being overcome by the newness of the Euigilans Somnium and hadn’t had enough time to divorce herself from the—er, complications of Court life.

Even in the relative safety and utopian-ness of the Court of Miracles.

And, especially due to Persis having been relatively sheltered and kept in secured isolation—coddled and protected—due to her incredible intelligence and insight.

Even for someone like Persis, who was so very valued by the Court of Miracles as a whole, the Court of Miracles hadn’t been remotely pleasant.

Grey ushered Persis through the disarray that now surrounded Grey’s bed, shuffling Persis to the far side and climbed in behind Persis—hopefully, placing Grey between Persis and whatever things lived in Persis’ subconscious that were plaguing her tonight.

This was definitely a new complication.