meet the courts and dramatis personae

primary cast of characters:

  • Eira Tove, Parcel Prima Princeps of the Court of Dreams, blood-wielder (species: hind; pronoun: she/her)
  • Grey Halkyon, First Unkindness of the Court of Miracles, fencer (species: tengu; pronoun: they/them)
  • Aedeir Quille, Principle Flutter of the court of Nightmares, unknown (species: cecaelia/old one; pronoun: she/her)
  • Killian Pius, Oppositional Parliament of the Court of Calamities, blood-wielder (species: hieracosphinx; pronoun: he/him)
  • Zoii Blake (species: meliae; pronoun: they/them)
  • Persis Gwyn, Court Archivist of the Court of Miracles species: griffin; pronoun: she/her)
  • Leif Ione, Court Assassin of the Court of Dreams (species: salamander; pronoun: she/her)
  • Cassius Frost, Orpheum (species: faun; pronoun: he/him)
  • Mad March Grey (species: pooka; pronoun: unknown)
  • Armitage Bingley-Bottom (species: spring-heeled jackalope; pronoun: they/them)
  • Redcaps: Harry, Murphy, Bob, Otello

there are, of course, other characters, but these are who we begin with, these are the ones that we’re going to be following.

grey halkyon, scion to the first unkindness of the court of miracles

eira tove, scion to the parcel prima princeps of the court of dreams

killian pius, scion to the oppositional parliament of the court of calamities

aedeir quille, the first moon of the flutter in the court of nightmare

leif ione, court assassin for the court of dreams

persis gwyn, archivist-in-training for the court of miracles

cassius frost

zoii blake,

armitage bingley-bottom

mad march grey

the redcap triumvirate:  harry, murphy, and bob

redcap otello

<–a glittering venery:  an intro || an introduction to the “a glittering venery” narrative –>