then, there was the court of nightmares

today is just a small excerpt, a glimpse into the court of nightmares. (today was kind of a notes and plots and plans day.)

The Court of Nightmares was strange, a place that had always been, a place that had always had Aedeir.

Really, there was a time before the Court of Nightmares, but it was so far back into the misty realms of the past that Aedeir had difficulty remembering it just as Aedeir found it difficult to remember a time when she had not been Aedeir.

The Court of Nightmares was deep and devouring, but in the devouring, rebirth could always be achieved: a cyclidity born of water and void and water again.

Aedeir had been through that cycle more times than she cared to really think about.

But, however remotely, Aedeir did remember a time when her name had been Melisan. A time before there were hundreds of voices in her head and a thread reaching back through time to the Beginning.

Both light and dark in turns.

And, because of the strangeness of Nightmare—its ambiguity and changeability, its sheer liminality—the Court of Nightmares does not have a Scion, per se. Rather, when Aedeir is at the end of their life, the next Aedeir finds themselves being drawn to the edges of Nightmare.

Often times—most times truly—the next Aedeir is of the Venery, but on more than one occasion, the next Aedeir in fact wandered in from the Euigilans Somnium: a long ago descendent of the Venery, and sometimes, so long ago was their decent from the Venery, that it was difficult to even classify them as anything other than Euigilans Somnium.

The Court of Nightmares was strange, so strange that there was no need to guard any potential “secrets” from the Courts of Miracles, Dreams, and Calamities: Nightmare was too far removed to comprehend.

Well, for most.

But—this new batch of Scions. They might be ready to learn, to comprehend, to change: a Tengu who never wanted the Scioncy, a Hind who was willing to share their Scioncy, and a Hieracosphinx who had never been meant to have the Scioncy.

Yeah, that Moment of Change might be at hand.

Aedeir had been waiting for that wiff of Possibility for nearly a literal ever.