the working


The most Hufflepuff magic school to ever Hufflepuff, Lumeria Lux Lumen Occidental School of Nanna Igisum Arts was hidden from all but those who needed it.

Kinda like Narnia.

Or, Fillory.

Okay, really, Lumeria Lux Lumen Occidental School of Nanna Igisum Arts found people and collected them, and if they were lucky, they became Aspirants.



Learning to wield the Nanna Igisum, the Nura, and the Aether.

And, if the Aspirants were particularly lucky, they might even become Something More.

Ellory, Philan, Crane, Yma, and Jibril were well on their collective ways to becoming Something More–a coalescence of Aether and Nura becoming Lux–yet there were things and THINGS living in the Thornwastes and something Faceless and Ancient stalking the Kharsaanu Saquutu surrounding Ashford Road.


It was the first Igisum that every Aspirant was taught: to fly.

Well, really, it was essentially levitation. All Wingardium Leviosa but with none of the silliness of feathers and wands and correct, pedantic pronunciation.

Okay, sometimes feathers and wands were used, but that was more because the usage of Nanna Igisum and Nura and Aether had more to do with symbiotic semiotics and resonances than it did with a definitive one-to-one anything.

Some people used wands.

Some people used feathers.

Some people used dandelion fluff.

Some people used brooms.

Everyone’s personal semiotics came into play here; therefore, there was no One True Way to create an Igisum.