all about ‘trie and tentacle-made studios

‘trie (sounds like “tree”)  blasingame is a mixed-media artist working in the wilds of wisconsin—where everyone has an ice shanty and imaginary (and not-so-imaginary) moose lurk in the trees.

originally from central illinois.  ‘trie have a ba in classics and history and a ma in literature from southern illinois university at carbondale, phd work in art education from northern illinois university at dekalb, and post-baccalaureate work in sculpture from columbia college chicago.

so, basically, ‘trie is waaaaaaaay over-educated and has theory-wonk tendencies.

as a (post)post-modern/metamodernist artist, ‘trie’s work derives from visual/popular culture, fairytales, myths, legends, and participatory culture (i.e., fandom) interpretations, which means that they squee about books and movies and tv shows and the like and appropriates those ideas into their art work.

‘trie’s work’s been exhibited around the country, most notably at the abraham lincoln presidential museum in springfield, il, and the art wear fashion show in fort collins, co; their work has also been published in the underground art ‘zines kistchykoo! subcultural lifestyle magazine and paramanu pentaquark, and they have created album covers for classical musician richard baysinger and punk-metal band manufactured dissent and was also the deputy editor of the rainbow hub.

most recently, glas coffeehouse hosted ‘trie’s second solo; additionaly, ‘trie has been one of the artists for shawano county’s miles of art event for the last two years, and has been an exhibitor for the first and second nerdcon:  stories as well as having been part of the ARTgarage’s holiday show.

‘trie spends their days working in their studio—tentacle-made studio in Shawano as well as the auxiliary studio at the ARTgarage—making strange (sometimes plush) creatures, spinning and dying fiber, beating on metal, inhaling spray paint, and having an increasingly complicated relationship with their button makers.



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